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MORNING PAINT Horse Abstract Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 24 x 24 inches of Oil on Canvas SOLD Back to work this morning! Back to my easel. As Terry packed boxes last night I was sketching out on the canvas with my charcoal. I like sketching in Charcoal, nothing is permanent and easy to adjust. Planning out my painting day is a help. I spend about two hours thinking about what I want to work on this week and then do sketches in my sketch book. After the sketch book, the ones that attract me still the next day end up on the canvas with charcoal. Then Wednesday comes and I begin to paint. Prayer, meditation and waiting often sitting for a moment and studying the canvas on the easel...and then I pick up my palette knife or paint brush. In life we try often to plan. Goes back to time management I guess, or as well OCD where we really are serious about control and planning. Painting you find the painting itself takes on its own life and 98% of the time does not turn out like your
COLORS OF RAIN Horse Abstract by Laurie Justus Pace 24 x 36 inches oil on canvas SOLD ON DAILY PAINTERS THANK YOU! A quick blog for sure this morning. The dogs are waiting to go to the groomer and they are waiting on me! I am blogging away before I go. French drains are going in the front of the house. Terry planted all the tomato bushes with Morgan helping on both things. I have been helping out at mom's house with various projects and trying to clean our house in between. Today is a crunch day to finish the drain, clean the house including clean sheets, rugs etc. OH we got insulation yesterday. Had the radiant barrier sprayed on and then 18 inches of stuff blown in. Are you insulated in your life? If you are not you probably feel cranky and grouchy most of the time. The grace of Father God is our insulation. We still have to manage the journey with growth, pain, laughter and love, but His almighty arms surrounding us make the journey a bit easier. Find grace and good in e
EARLY MORNING HOUR Nude by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 27 inches Oil on Canvas SOLD I am up and have been up since three thirty. Heater was running with an unusual rattle. Morgan and Terry were up in the attic yesterday pulling up old barrier covering. This morning we will have the radiant barrier sprayed in and 18 inches of insulation laid down. We only have two inches right now. Something must have gotten knocked around in the removal leaving a rattle. I am actually sleepy enough to go back to bed now but the day dawns at five and I am going to spend the next hour cleaning the studio while Terry sleeps. QUIETLY! It was a busy family weekend as will be the next six to eight weeks. Just keep our family in prayer right now. As a child did you grow up with the Golden Rule. I hear harps playing when I type and think that! "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." When I interviewed with a panel of eight principals and an HR person for a school district, one of the
AND BEYOND Tree Landscape by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 24 inches SOLD Oops, almost went to bed with out blogging today! It has been a full day and not time to describe anything. I am a fan of Brothers and Sisters and it starts in 15 min! We so enjoyed church today and Jack Van Vessems wonderful class. The inspiration today from both Brother Dan's sermon and Jack's class left me full of spirit, thought and prayer. Promise more tomorrow! Grace, Laurie "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow , for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34
THE SOUND OF MUSIC Portrait Art by Laurie Justus Pace SOLD 18 x 24 inches Oil on Canvas Contact me for commission work: Laurie Father May I? Picking up from yesterday's posting, I did receive quite a few positive responses to Father May I.... Thank you always for emailing me to make comments. I depend on the Lord to guide me as I write each morning. This painting is a portrait of a daughter of my mother's godchild. She is very gifted with music on several instruments as is her older sister. I still have some touch up on this yet to go, but enjoyed painting on it this weekend. Moving forward in life in the grace of God's unconditional love finds new opportunities, changes in our lives, and discovery of the new places and people. Trust in the Lord and the wisdom He has provided for you. He has given you the knowledge you need and it is time you use this knowledge to your greater good. Grace, Laurie “For ‘In him we live and move and have our being’; as even some of yo
WHO ME? Feline Cat Art by Laurie Justus Pace SOLD on Daily Painters! Thanks! 15 x 30 inches of Oil on Canvas Contact me to purchase and include title of Painting. Laurie Early this morning Terry was up when he was suppose to be asleep. He has a 16 hour day today at the airport. Sleep was necessary and he was awake. I stayed still hoping he would drop back off after he work me up...and he did. My thoughts were tumbling around house hunting with my mom yesterday. We went back to the original neighborhood where we first lived and looked at a home. As we passed by a house on the block where I played as a child the memories flooded back. I especially remember the game "MOTHER MAY I" Do you remember that game? One person is the mother and they stand in front of a line of the players with about 15 ft between them. I think "mother" has her back to the line so she cannot see where people are. Starting from one side of the line the "mother" calls out to the f
OBSERVATION SOLD Thanks for supporting Daily Painters! Cat Feline ART by Laurie Justus Pace 15 x 30 inches Oil on Canvas Contact me to purchase. Please include the name of the painting. Laurie Waiting and Watching, watching and waiting. Cats are truly better at this than dogs. I have dogs, my older brother has cats. My dogs will wait and watch for ehhh, maybe 30 seconds. Cats on the other hand will wait a long time, waiting and watching. Do not spend your life totally in this mode. Those that wait on the Lord will renew their strength. But those that sit and watch TV become a couch potato! Waiting on the Lord requires prayer and meditation, not cruising the Internet or watching CNN. Use your time wisely and know the Lord will provide what you need. God has provided each of us with gifts. Are you using the gifts he gave you? It is time to take stock of what you have and use it in the world around you. Today is my Uncle Gil's 90th birthday. I heard through the grapevine h
OVER THE RAINBOW Contemporary Horse Art by Laurie Justus Pace 30 X 30 inches Oil on Canvas SOLD on Daily Painters. Thanks for your support of the self representing artist! Contact me to purchase, mention the name of the painting. Laurie Hummm, yesterday was another two Klondike days. But I am surviving! Today is finish up and move forward day. Today I will finish a commission painting for a new collector in Canada and a small mothers day gift for another collector for her mother. Slated later this week is a the finish of a portrait for a family friend. In between...paint paint paint, clean house, do wash and finish planting annuals! I spent some time on the phone late yesterday with Wendy Rogers at the new gallery in Atascadero, California. The Red Tree Gallery is open and been received warmly by the town and the surrounding areas. Wendy has exciting plans of many cultural events and shows for the next few months. I am hoping Terry and I can hop a flight out to visit and see it
THE RED BRIDGE Landscape tree painting by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 27 inches Oil on Canvas SOLD I went from a wonderful stress free Sunday to yesterday. I can usually judge my stress by the amount of sweets I eat in a day. The more stress, them more bad stuff I eat. Let's just say I went through Two SLIM Klondikes and one half of a weight watcher bar. That is a lot for me. Some days I do not touch this at all and It was a slide down from that plateau. Do you remember what your yesterday was like? Did you experience a range of emotions and how did you handle it all? In today's world we are bombarded by so many things happening around us. Our responses and reactions are steeped in emotions of happy, anger, excited, worried, scared, embarrassed, overwhelmed, guilty, inadequate...etc. How are we suppose to cope? It was late evening when Terry announced we had to go to Home Depot to get soil. I had felt battered all day by various events and really did not want
CAN'T SEE THE FOREST BECAUSE OF THE TREES Landscape in Oil by Laurie Justus Pace 15 x 30 inches SOLD Yesterday was a blessed day of no stress. I have not had one of these plateau days in eons! Both Terry and I dropped to knees at bedtime and gave thanks. I had agreed once I blogged before Church, no computer till after six and no work in the studio. WOW. We were at 8:30 services at Eastridge Christian and then Sunday School following. Jack VanVessem was wonderful and totally on track as we continued investigating the phrase "Being Reborn of the Water and The Spirit." Then Charlene sent me the following after I shared the lesson with her: O ne Child Baptizing Another After a hardy rainstorm filled all the potholes in the streets and alleys, a young mother watched her two little boys playing in the puddle through her kitchen window. The older of the two, a five year old, grabbed his sibling by the back of his head and shoved his face into the water hole. As the boy re
JOINED AT THE HIP Landscape Painting by Laurie Justus Pace SOLD $750 18 x 27 inches Contact me for similar commission work! Laurie (Gee, I dream about a long painting of trees like this 24 x 48 inches in length....) The last two years in the summer I have done trees and I guess I am back doing a few again. As I was laying in bed last night with my sketchbook in hand I was sketching out trees everywhere. In my mind I see this large painting 24 x 48 inches with these heavy oak trees going across... you would feel like munchkin in the midst of it as you view it. May have to do it anyway. This painting went out in one of my few mailers to top collectors and went with in hours. They have a painting called "the other side of the world" which had a unique touch similar to this and had a good feel to mix the two in the room...or that is what she said when she phoned. Terry is home today and we are off to church in just a few moments. More of the wonderful Jack Van Vessem Sunda
SOFT NUDE Nude Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 15 x 30 SOLD I do not think I am quite finished, will work on the face some more today, but it is close. I started this yesterday and went through so many revisions my head spins. My usually nudes are colorful and thick with paint. This one is soft and solid at the same time. I am listening to harp music here in the studio and with it's softness I am ready to go back to bed. Thought I was going to run errands with my mom, but that was canceled, so I will paint today. God's perfect presence is with in you today and you will be healed. It may not be from something you have in mind, but it will be for something he has on his mind. Our perfect good and our delight has always been primary in his plan for each of us. Step back from your priorities and your supplications and listen to what He has for your life. It is perfect for it is His plan. Grace, Laurie "The man and his wife were both naked , and they felt no shame.&qu
THE PATH Landscape Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 24 inches Oil on Canvas SOLD The Path excerpt from THE ART OF LIFE With every journey we find a path to follow. I often wonder how I get some of the places I do, and then I look back at where I have been and what I have done and I know I am in the right place. Even when I feel I am alone, I am not. He is there. He is there in my deepest moments of fear and pain. He is there when I cry out in delight and laugh with happiness. He directs my path. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge him and He will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:4-6 Just a quick note from me as I begin painting this morning. This is something that occurs on a regular basis in all of our lives. Forgiveness. Wikipedia: Forgiveness is the mental and/or spiritual process of ceasing to feel resentment, indignation, or anger against another person for a perceived offense, difference or mistake,
UNDER THE BLUE TREE Tree Landscape by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 24 inches of THICK palette knife pulls of color. SOLD Under The Blue Tree April 17, 2008 Laurie Justus Pace Excerpt from book THE ART OF LIFE to be released Fall 2008 At five o’clock you will find me under the blue tree. We all have days that seem to never end, with events that make us Question why we even got out of bed that day. This is when you will find me listening to the birds as I sit under the Blue Tree. The Blue Tree is an older tree with heavy bark. You can Close your eyes and feel the energy of its years. My world becomes still. Slowly I regain my balance Sitting under the Blue Tree. My easel is calling me! I painted hard and heavy yesterday and want to hit it this morning. I made the decision yesterday to use part of my writings along with my art work to publish a book which will be available this fall. I will note every painting used in the book by some type of verse under it, like the posting is today. Th
RED HORSE ABSTRACT Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 27 inches SOLD Time for a new pillow. Woke up again with a pull in three places in my neck. BUT I will stay the course with my day and the plans for the day. It is Wednesday and today I begin sketching out my work for the week. I have one already on Canvas sketched out, the rest I will transfer from my sketch book to canvas. THEN I get to play in my paints. This is a time of not only painting, but deep mediation as I work with my oils. It never ceases to amaze me the blends and "happenings" that appear before my eyes. Did God watch in amazement as He created all around us in the beginning? He is the great Artist! And then when I zoom ahead in the bible to the arc when he had to wipe out so much through the flood, I wonder if He did it as I do a canvas. When it is not working I begin pushing the paint in totally irrational unplanned ways...if nothing begins to work, I scrap the painting, pulling the oils
FURY THREE Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 3 Canvas totaling 54 x 27 inches (18 x 27 inches each) SOLD ON DAILY PAINTERS! THANK YOU Last year I painted four sets of these horses...three coming out at you in colors with the thick ridged paint from the palette knife. This is my first set this year to sell. I did one commission set that is mailing out today to the buyer in Illinois. Have already made my list for today of what must be done AS always. Sometimes with the hubby involved it may not occur as I hoped! We went to pick up wheels for the boat and trailer out in Justin yesterday afternoon. We left at three, we made it out there about six and we got home about ten. There were many stops in between, but the boats are home. Today we have to return unused items for trying to get the boats. Only the Lord brought those boats home on angel wings. Angel wings...humm, that is a pretty cool thought. I know my mom used to say something about letting God drive the car, but I a
FLOWERS IN NANIE'S CONCRETE POT Flower Art On Canvas by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 24 inches SOLD Terry sleeps soundly as I quietly left the room this morning. Thought I would start my day early and keep the house quiet so he can catch a few more z's. The concrete pot in the painting is still with us today! It was his grandmothers and we fill it with blooms every year. Yesterday I went to church with my parents and then home to prepare lunch for them and Jon and Justin. Jonathan has grown so much. When I hug him he is tucked up tight under my chin and I am five ft nine. He is only ten years old. He is going to be tall! Justin helped me put together my new sofa is glass, metal and wood. Terry got home just in time to share an hour with Jon before they had to leave. Then I was back on my schedule. Today Terry will box, I will finish up a magnolia painting that is a commission piece and I have been sketching out a new series and hope to get the sketch on canvas. I
Quiet Night With You 2 Pop Art by Laurie Justus Pace I had this marked sold as it was Sold three years ago to my eldest son. He has decided he wants to sell it or "trade it in!" Let me know if you are interested! 24 x 36 inches Acrylic on Canvas Contact me for pricing: Laurie This is a second in the series I did on Pop Art. Decided to continue posting a few of these pieces. It is another facet of my artwork! Sunday is here and I am planning out my day. I was up awake with a headache at 3:30 this morning and spent the next hour and a half with squirrels running circles in my head! When you lay awake with your head pounding it is hard to go back to sleep and so darn inviting to solve the problems of the world. Was there a news flash about that yet? I spent time on every bothersome thing that popped in my mind and somehow with all that energy I HAD to solve something....but I do not think I did. Worry was there on the parental front, the sibling front, the children front,
JESSICA Pop Art by Laurie Justus Pace SOLD Acrylic 24 x 36 inches Popping in this morning with a blast from the past. I did a series of about 8 paintings in a POP art series. This is one of the first ones. I really enjoyed the preplanning, color placement and the distinct lines in this approach. Wanted to share something different this morning Last night was THE GREAT DISCOVERY. I had gone several weeks ago to buy music because mine seemed totally lost. Music for the piano. To my knowledge we had unpacked every box except Terry's tapes, cd, dvds, models and model stuff. We attacked our giant closet in the hall and began cleaning things out and unpacking boxes stuffed in there. There was one box stuffed full of old Tapes for a tape player. He was going to keep them all and I gave him the look and said, "What do you see in my trash box?" He glanced over to my trash box. Inside laid the black and white Cow Morgan gave me for Mother's Day 17 years ago....also a
BEST FRIENDS Whippet Sight Hound Dog Oil Painting By Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 27 inches Contact me for purchase information and mention the name of the painting. Laurie Friday has arrived. Morgan is at the airport ready to fly to Miami for his business cruise, Terry is on his way to the airport to work and I am jumping into my easel early. Grocery shopping this morning later and more family stuff after lunch with mom. I almost caught up yesterday, so Lord willing, I have a chance this morning with about three hours ahead of me to work. With a prayer and quiet time this morning my painting will begin. Built into all of us that have faith is a compass that keeps us in the direction of the Holy Spirit. We have to trust we are on the correct path stopping often to consult that compass through prayer and meditation with the Lord. Listening for inner guidance I always compare to listening to the Holy Spirit whispering to my heart and soul. Going forward in confidence knowing where ever th
AFGHAN ATTENTION Sight Hound Dog Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 27 inches Contact me to Purchase and mention the name of the painting. Laurie Storms are rolling through the area with 60-75 mph winds. Perfect time to paint for me. I will catch up where I stopped yesterday afternoon. NEWS FLASH: Morgan's apt building was hit by a tornado. He tried to phone a moment ago and the lines went dead. He said in the short time we talked that they were okay, but the damage around them was extensive and there were ER vehicles everywhere. I am hoping he will call me back. He lives in Carrollton, Texas. Mark Maddux, in from Afghanistan, came by and set up somethings on both the PC and my MAC. We are still hunting a camera for the mac with FIREWIRE. Niki's son had sent me a logitech, which works plugging it in, but it doesn't work. In other words it works for chats but it will not put files on the computer where you can use it to record. I am trying to get back to where
POT OF PANSIES Flower Art Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 24 inches SOLD Geez I need to be painting. I have not held a paint brush in my hand in three days. I have nine canvas in various stages of completion beckoning me to work. Yesterday I finished cleaning up the studio. My drafting board is clear and ready for me to work at, my easels are ready, the floors are clean, and the junk has been eliminated. YEAH! Terry cleaned off the jackhammered patio and it is so nice now not to see destruction everywhere. Took about three hours of shoveling and distributing dirt and rock through out our little city lot! He has to work on the patio leveling now. Once he gets started he is a non stop worker until he completes the task. Seems as we get older both of us procrastinate a bit more than we use to. I picked up some huge purple plastic containers for his models. We are going to start clearing out the second bedroom now and getting the boxes out of there. What are your attributes?
TINY BLUE IRIS Flower Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 18 inches SOLD Morning has broken and I am cleaning the studio. Terry is still asleep and the dogs are under foot at the moment. I put off my morning shower to finish doing the dirt in here. I just found my favorite exercise dvd, DANCE OFF the Inches with Juliane Arney. It is pretty good! I will be cranking it now that I found it. Want to figure out how to get my drying rack in here. I want to sell my large drafting board to make room for it. Terry did not want to do that when we moved here, but it has become a catch all for everything. It is not a place I can work. If he can get it fixed (The drawer is broken) I can set my watercolors up on the table and use it, but right now I do not like it in here. No catch alls are needed. I was glancing at daily word this morning before rolling out of bed. Sometimes I refer to the thoughts from there in my blog. I think I have to this morning. It touches on miracles, faith and
Home on the Range Abstract Horses Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 24 x 36 inches SOLD I am late blogging today because I needed space to calm my spirit. I didn't paint at all yesterday. I was planning on Church and Jack VanVessem's awesome Sunday School Class. I took time to shower, dress, get on my makeup, spray my perfume, white linen skirt, blue teal jacket...and Catherine called saying she was on her way. I went to let the dogs in and of course, Annie would not come in. Paddy was jumping up and down threatening my cleanliness so I shoved him into the house and pulled the door shut. I had Annie's leash in my hand. It took a bit but I clipped it on her and headed to the back door. IT WAS LOCKED. As I begin to think, Catherine will be pulling up front...and then I realized the gates are padlocked. Those keys are inside too. The garage door is a deadbolt lock like the house. I am literally locked in my back yard. It was cold outside and that linen teal jacket did
BLENDING IN Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace SOLD Contact me for commission work: Laurie Woke with bad dreams this morning. Dreamed I was in the kitchen pulling a large bag of frozen peaches out of the bottom freezer when having the bottom freezer drawer pulled open caused the refrigerator to tip over and crush down on me. Stacey was in the kitchen and Morgan was hovering about...but he was little, not full grown. Terry, my husband, was close by and I said "Morgan, go get Terry to get this off of me, hurry." and Stacey was pushing with all her might in her 5 ft frame body and it was not budging. She could not budge that huge refrigerator and Terry and Morgan didn't return. I woke gasping for breath and out of fear of not wanting to finish the dream. I told Terry about it and said I felt very stressed and overburdened with all I was responsible for. He said it made sense, Morgan is the youngest and we still tend to still help him out financially and he sh
BOYS ON THE BEACH Azawakh Sight Hound Dog Art Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 24 x 48 inches SOLD . Commission Painting heading to the UK Contact me for commission Work and Pricing. Laurie This painting was unbelievable to paint. From the moment the photo arrived via the internet I was hooked. Nothing was going to get done in the studio until I painted these boys on the beach. I hope you enjoy the view and can feel the fun and play of these two gorgeous Azawakhs that live it the UK. (Azawakhs are sight hounds that originated in Mali.) Short blog today as I am going to try and cram cleaning the house in before leaving this morning for the hair dresser. I worked in the studio until eight thirty last night. Terry was watching TV. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like not to have to be responsible for so much stuff. Here it was getting late and I still was facing: cleaning paintbrushes, cleaning Annie's eyes and giving her medicine, emptying the dryer and folding two loads