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Water, Water everywhere... is it in your life? Laurie Justus Pace

   © Laurie Pace        Graphics One Design 2022 a part of a painting.... WATER  by Laurie Pace   Shop other Available Artwork.   Sign up for my quarterly newsletter and painting sales. The Water in Your Life We were on a trip returning from Saugerties, New York, driving through Pennsylvania when I spotted something that created a huge change in my life.  We were on a two lane road, (I do have a photo on my other computer), passing barns and older homes with wash hanging on the lines.. which included colorful quilts. As we turned a sharp curve/corner in the road and we slipped into the cover of woods. I had the window rolled down and begin to catch a glimmer in the tree line of tree trunks. It was a large brook with racing water tumbling over large rocks.  We followed parallel to the 'brook' stream for almost two full miles before it bent another direction. The spray of running water through the large stones through out this stream rose

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