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Between the Lines, Horse Painting in progress by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

   © Laurie Pace        Graphics One Design 2023 Small Sneak Peak Title: Between the Lines 36 x 48 inches  Oil on Canvas (this is a tiny portion of it) Coming Soon  by Laurie Pace   Shop other Available Artwork.  Sign up for my quarterly newsletter and painting sales. I am about half way through on this painting.  Taking a small break today and preparing for birthdays starting tomorrow with our youngest son and this weekend for our youngest granddaughter.  Cards ready to be designed and made for each of them.   I ordered my youngest son some special music writing notebooks for his passion of creating and performing music.  The Granddaughter is getting a beautiful necklace that Terry and I picked out for her!  The Painting Mirada Fine Art, my Denver Gallery, has a special Valentine show coming up and after a specialty show in March. I am painting this larger canvas for that show and it is reflective of my collected style over the past 20 plus years.  I will cont

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Night to Day... Stress to Peace... God has it ALL. Celebrating Night to Day Horse Painting with Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Iris in the Light of Heaven, The Power of Light in our Lives by Texas Artist Laurie Pace