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Last Roses... BRRR Baby it is going to be cold outside! Texas Artist Laurie Pace, Rose Painting

   © Laurie Pace        Graphics One Design 2022 Last Roses Before Winter 5 x 7 in Oil on Panel Available    by Laurie Pace   Shop other Available Artwork.   Sign up for my quarterly newsletter and painting sales. The weather is turning cold finally. We had a long late Indian Summer from Thanksgiving till now and we are more than ready for some cold. I went out and trimmed all my roses and brought them in. They will be dormant in a few days.  This painting truly surprised me with color. It is small but packed with luscious color. I had promised to do some floral paintings so it is going to happen!  Stay tuned for more!  Color is constant in this rose painting and vibrant. Easy to frame or put on a small easel.  BE VIBRANT Hoping you might be laughing. Cold winter and I am still deep in color. I told Terry today there is a thing about older women often piling on too much color on their faces... too much vibrant does not work on faces, but it will

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