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In Christ, looking up close and personal at who we are as Christians. Painting Flowers Again Soon, Texas Artist Laurie Pace

   © Laurie Pace        Graphics One Design 2022 The Glass Vase  by Laurie Pace   Shop other Available Artwork.   Sign up for my quarterly newsletter and painting sales. I believe the drought of summer 2022, has been one of the worst we have experienced in our lifetime. Yesterday, for the first time in two months, temperatures fell below 100 and it rained.  It actually stormed. Terry and I had left the house to travel to Keller Texas, to Bear Creek Running Co . We are planning on walking the dogs as temps drops, and I needed new shoes.  I drove us in BlueBird (My new car) home in strong winds and torrential rains with thunder and lightening. While I wish I had flowers to be worried about, we struggled this summer to water the grass and all of our trees.  We had nine trees but the weather last year took out a 20 yr old red oak. It left a huge vacancy in our back yard. My hope is to break away from these 100 degree and up days. This is far from normal.  The flowers

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