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Block Party | Figurative Painting by Laurie Pace

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Block Party  by Laurie Pace  Not quite finished...but working on it!

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It was back years ago in 2009 that our street in Lake Highlands (Dallas) 'Chiswell' had a block party. The street was only one long block and we closed off both ends and the kids and adults gathered mid way and had a party... a total blast. I ran around with my camera snapping photos. 
I am in a workshop right now and was using one of them for this... it is not complete but wanted to share where I am with it. 
This is where I was earlier:

I painted the board with the bright colors underneath and then painstakingly hand painted the little girls on it ... It was a fabulous journey so far.
Hope your week has been good. I have been posting on Instagram more lately. You can find me at @lauriepaceartist.  

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