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MOUNTAIN RUN ~ Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 36 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home. Contact me for Pricing or Commission work. Laurie Pace So much to do as I wake from NINE hours of sleep. My large BEVO leaves today for Hill Country. That was the 48 x 72 inch Longhorn Commission piece I did for a decorator out of Florida who was doing a ranch in Hill Country of Texas. BUT in it's place a new canvas of that size arrives to do a similar painting for a collector in Cleburne Texas, Keith...I am ready to start your baby! Yesterday was a daze as I was so sleepy I functioned through out the day but can't remember much! I know we drove down to Ft Worth to finish up our signatures over the wreck this summer. That is a closed door at last. We were in a unique building near the main old train station for Ft Worth. I spent most of my time pouring over antique photographs of yesteryears. Today I begin painting again. Inspiration does not t
CHILD IN GARDEN ~ Impressionism by Laurie Justus Pace 24 x 18 inches Oil on Canvas Well I struggled this morning to post this to a second blog I am apart of and somehow my sweet painting of this child kept attaching and blending with a pop art pair of breasts with red hair. After five attempts I gave up. Sort of like sleeping last night. Terry and I worked late and had a late dinner in Ponder. We came home and watched a movie and then turned off the TV to sleep. I was praying and meditating just falling off to sleep and the trains began piling through the city. For almost two straight hours there was no going to sleep. The whistles were none stop. I feel asleep about two and slept till six this morning, so I will drag all day. This painting was a joy to paint and explore the face of the child and the light on the dress. I hope you enjoy it! Today I will have to really concentrate on finding joy in the day to stay awake. I wish you the joy and light of the Lord in your day too! Sh
ART BOOKS AND ROSES by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 27 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home MONDAY! I am up way early while Terry sleeps. The train woke me at four. Usually it does every morning. We did get an offer on our house last night, just as I am gather in bids to add on the studio. Lots of prayers are needed as we make this decision. This painting is a reach back to my old still life style. Not perfect, but interesting. Somethings you leave as they are and not overwork them. That happens in life too...we try too hard to make it perfect we ruin it or we confuse it...what we are working on, not necessarily our life. TOO much of a good thing. I know the bible takes often about moderation. I think that applies to everything, including worry. Shalom Laurie "But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign LORD my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds." Psalm 73:28
Colors of Central Park, New York ~ Fall Landscape Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 27 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas SOLD Contemporary Art for the Home Sunday dawns with my injured Paddy at my feet. He has an injured front paw. We searched it thoroughly last night with a flash light and he was not a happy camper as we explored the area looking for what might have induced his limp. He is slightly better this morning but still dismal and depressed with out Miss Annie here. She returned today from her weekend "SPA" visit to my son's house. She was there to help my grand dog Jena learn manners, but she was treated to a bubble bath, drying and brushing. I think maybe she got her toenails painted. Pretty fancy for an old country grandmother dog! This painting sold this week and was a joy to paint as I celebrate the colors of fall. Again choosing from my most favorite area, New York Central Park. It is painted with a wide brush stroke and added clumps of color for definit
High Stepper ~ Abstract Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 24 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home Saturday dawns with my studio only have one dog underfoot. Morgan kidnapped Annie yesterday and took her home to help social my granddog, Jena. She is a toy poodle. Paddy would eat her thinking she was a rabbit, but Annie is a grandmother dog, she is much better with friends. So the house feels strange with out her energy here. Volunteering is an interesting subject. Do you volunteer to do things often? Some of us do and end up giving so much of ourselves and time we lose ourselves and what is truly important. Others of us shy away from volunteering and often are not using our gifts to help out others. I am not sure how you weigh the situation to find a happy medium. I believe in giving what comes naturally. At the same time, we must remember to take care of ourselves because we truly cannot give to others if we are EMPTY! A friend wrote me th
WATERSIDE ~ Abstract Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 30 x 30 inches Oil on Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home. SOLD Friday dawns, well not yet, the sun is still asleep...but Mr Moon is up...the temps are near freezing and I REALLY need to be outside picking huge green tomatoes. I then could make FRIED GREEN TOMATOES. YUMMM. Makes me realize how hungry I am! This painting was completed three days ago. I began a composition of sail boats with a pink sunset and a yellow beach with children on the beach....and out came this horse. Reminds me of all the detour writing I have been doing this week. Strong colors adorn this composition and the horse is a mare. You can see the delicate look in her eyes almost like she has discovered something and is looking closer. You know when I painted this painting I had a goal in mind, a definite sketch of where I was heading. But as the colors began to appear on the was not working and I began to scrap and pull the colors allow
STORM MOVING IN ~ Abstract Horse Art by Laurie Justus Pace 24 X 38 X 2 inches Oil on Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home BRRR, continues to be cold in the mornings. I don't know if I will walk this morning or do my dance DVD! Says it is 43 outside. I usually draw the line at 48 or 50 for walking. Today I will only work on some small pieces. I have to finish some other house business first. This large piece I did last week. Not sure what I will do with it, send it to one of the galleries of sell it from here. Just one of those that emerged from deep with in. New opportunities seem to crop up in different directions. I really enjoy the calls out of nowhere that God seems to bring into my life and I meet a new family wanting art. It is such an honor to paint for families and know my work is in their home. The Lord nudges us all along in our journeys here. Often we cling to the past not wanting to move on, but we must, having faith that He knows the direction we
LATE ROSES ~ Floral Art by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 27 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home SOLD Egads, I have been sitting at this computer for an hour answering emails. I am just now getting to my blog. I HOPE HOPE HOPE to start painting. This painting was completed this weekend. Full of joy , life and color, thick thick paint adorns this canvas in a celebration of life still blooming in my roses as fall temperatures have arrived. A change in seasons again. My thoughts today remain focused on the families in Southern California. I cannot even imagine the sheer terror of the loss and the panic and the feeling of total helplessness. We all feel that way at times in our lives, but the horrific thought of my home burning to the ground and all my much to even begin to grasp. Please join me in prayer for each of them. Let's surround them with our prayers that God will hold them close in this journey. God will protect them and light the way a
HURRIED ~ Abstract Equine/Horse Art by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 27 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home SOLD Tuesday and it finds us heading out the door. We woke up early and Terry put on a movie called "The Man in the Moon." It was really really good. Didn't want to get the day started on time, but it is our weekend so we splurged...and my blog is late in posting. As we finish up our task in Dallas we know we have much ahead of us in our own home with changes. Terry battles the memories and the pain of closing down his family home...I stand by with moral support and love knowing there is nothing I can do to fix it, but to simply listen and be here for him. The strength the Lord provides in mind, body and spirit needs to carry you through every moment of the day and night. Rest in his peace and the knowledge that He is there with you as you take every breathe. Give to Him your worries and your concerns. Confide in him with your deepest
Call of Morning ~ Equine Horse Art by Laurie Justus Pace 8 x 10 x 2 inches Oil on Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for your Home I am sitting here Monday morning, early... it is five a.m. I jumped out of bed to get the dogs out and feed before the storm hits in the next thirty minutes...thought to get my blog out too. I will then shut it all down and either crawl back into bed or start painting. I added a place in the top right corner of my blog that you can sign up with your email and be contacted with my postings. Terry finished all the boxing last night YEAH! Nothing like getting the work out of the way quickly! Morgan and Hillary were over yesterday to paint. He posted a new nude and some gerbera daisies and later this week a fantastic nude will go up for sale on ebay. He is unemployed right now and painting. Have you ever come across DETOUR signs when you were out on errands? It is not too bad if you are in familiar territory and you grumbled a bit about going ou
GOLDEN MANE ~ Equine Horse Contemporary Art by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 24 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the home. PLEASE SIGN UP ON THE TOP RIGHT TO RECEIVE MY POST DAILY! SOLD It is Sunday Morning. The sun is breaking over the horizon and the wind is strong out the south . There is news that a cold front is finally breaking through from Colorado and we will drop to highs near 70 for a few days. That is the beginning of our fall/winter. Nothing like most know of cold...just wonderful temps. This beauty was finished on Friday. She emerged from clouds of paint and color that I kept moving around on the canvas until I finally saw her in the mist. It is a she without a doubt and she has a beautiful mane and she knows it! I have a second blog to keep up with on Daily Painters market. I will not blog the same thoughts there, but you might see different things. By far this is the blog that will be kept up daily with my thoughts, but just in case you want to stop b
EVENING QUIET ~ Seascape by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 24 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home Saturday morning is here. It is still dark outside but I have all the windows open. Not as cool as yesterday, but I will be cleaning house in about 15 minutes. Morgan is coming over later to paint. He has sold five paintings in the past two weeks! YEAH! Stacey and Larry are back from Colorado. They stopped by on their drive in and brought me some beautiful chimes, Terry a T-shirt and a huge HUGE HUGE chocolate cake. It must be 18 to 20 inches tall...that many layers. We hope to go as a family to Caro's Mexican in Ft Worth tonight and then home for CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! This painting I finished up on Thursday...soft soft evening twilight colors abruptly interrupted by the setting golds in the sunset. Everything is quiet. My pearls of wisdom today are "good flows freely". (IF your hands are open to receive it and you believe.) Allow divine ideas to be exp
Falling Colors ~ Autumn Trees Landscape by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 24 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home It is Friday. Morgan is coming to paint both today and tomorrow, and for those of you that always laugh about my food and eating out...TODAY IS LONESOME SPUR NIGHT. Absolutely the best hamburgers in Texas. I cannot wait. I literally will stay focused on this all day today in anticipation. Did I ever mention their unusual onion rings? I love onion rings and to this date no one does them better than Dairy Queen, except Lonesome Spur. They put some green spice in it (Basil? I have zero idea) but those onions rings are fabulous. Meanwhile back to painting. I finished this landscape yesterday and it is already sold. FRESH FRESH colors make you want to take a walk through the trees in Central Park new York. But waking this morning it is 48 degrees outside. I have every EVERY window open in the house I can open...isn't brrr wonderful? Today I am gra
AGGRAVATING ITCH ~ Horse Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 4 x 6 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home Good Thursday morning. I did two small pieces yesterday and this is one. I only wish I could photograph it better, hard to get this small guys with out shine. His detail is actually pretty good, you just can't see it! Check out two more blogs up. They are new magazines that I am helping with as a visiting writer...both are geared to the west. She's Out West Magazine and Open Range Magazine . My artwork will be featured in the first edition of She's Out West! You might want to order that issue at least, but I know their subscription rates are good. Open Range is on it's third publication and She's Out West will premier this December. Do you feel your divine potential is a natural way of life for you? That is a deep question. Are you doing/working at something that feeds you back to life...nourishing you and satisfying you? God ha
Catching the Gaze ~ Horse Painting By Laurie Justus Pace 15 X 30 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home Wednesday is WORK WORK WORK day. I am back in the studio and running hard. Hopefully no interruptions until I get things underway. When I hit Wednesday I do not even eat until I have started a major amt of work that needs to be done. This piece was inspired by a close up from a larger piece. I had wanted to paint it several weeks ago, but had not had time until now. Vivid bold colors adorn this one. Yesterday was rather restful for me. I spent the afternoon alone at my moms. I tuned her harp and I worked on some book things on my laptop. We left Dallas to come home after traffic. Terry spent the day moving more equipment at his dads. He says still ONE MORE day to work next week to finish it off. He said when he was in the house (it is empty) he had a huge flashback to being very young when they moved in. He said they didn't have much furniture in the
Brownie ~ Horse Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 30 x 40 inches Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home It is Tuesday early. I am working on the Poppy painting going to Hong Kong to the SR Gallery. Then it is off to Dallas to finish up at Ben's house. We close on his house next Monday. This painting was full of energy and the colors of Santa Fe. Lots of Impasto and paint create layers and edges that pull on the motion of the knife. This is a short post for me today. Yesterday was full of boxing for Terry...four hours of it and then to Grapevine for shipping and into Dallas to Whole Foods. We did stop in between and eat at Main Stream...he had Salmon and I had Tilapia. Add steamed veggies and yum! I will leave you with a question for thought, Is it safe to look with in? Grace, Laurie "Who may ascend the hill of the LORD ? Who may stand in his holy place?He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to an idol or swear by what is fa
Brilliant Roses ~ Rose Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 24 x 24 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home SOLD Monday greets us with rain this morning. A cold front pushing through will lower our temps to the high eighties. I hope you found that amusing. We are so ready for at least one good one to push through. This painting is so thickly wet. I haven't painted this thick in awhile. The color is vibrant. There is not room for sad or depressed states around this baby...she makes you smile as she lights up your eyes. Terry and I had dinner and cowboys with our eldest son Justin and his girlfriend Jan. It was fun. I have not had the opportunity to relax and laugh as I did yesterday. I am not painting today either, so it will probably be Wednesday before I pick up a paint brush. Yesterday one of my buyers drove up from FtWorth to pick up his 18 x 60 inch painting. Problem was he was in a small pickup truck and it was cloudy and threatening rain! His d
Intrigue ~ Horse Equine Art by Laurie Justus Pace 30 x 30 inches Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas SOLD Contemporary Art for the Home I marked this sold because it is going to the gallery in Hong Kong, The SR Gallery. I have just finished up three pieces that will be mailed tomorrow and four more to go. I have really enjoyed working with this gallery owner. I did some commission pieces for her last spring. She does interior decorating as well. Cooperation has to be my topic this morning. I had a dog that did not want to cooperate last night. It was almost dusk and I asked Terry if we could take a walk, just the two of us with out the dogs. He eagerly agreed and we had a nice two mile walk. As we returned to the front yard we spotted a woman walking down the side road with her dog and the next thing we noted was our female grandmotherly dog darting out from the yard. HOW? Brendan had mowed and he told me the gates were latched and locked. Well the big gate is two swinging gates
SEASONS OF LIFE ~ Wild Life Art by Laurie Justus Pace 24 X 36 inches Oil on Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home AVAILABLE AT THE RARE GALLERY ~ JACKSON HOLE, WYOMING. Saturday morning finds me in the studio. I will be working on my pieces for the SR Gallery in Hong Kong. That is my weekend of painting! This piece above is for the RARE GALLERY in Jackson Hole Wyoming. It is piles of layers of color catching the sunlight in the field with grazing buffalo. Buffalo almost disappeared when the white man took over the west from the Indians. It is simply delightful to see buffalo grazing it here in Texas on a local ranch or in Colorado or the deep west. Take a deep breath this morning and allow the grace of the Lord to fill your lungs and spread through out your body. If you sit quietly and deep breath through about ten breaths, you will find yourself rested as if you napped and the rest you feel with in is His Grace sapping out the tension, the worries and the stress.
Flashes of Color ~ Abstract Horse Art by Laurie Justus Pace 24 X 36 inches Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home It's Friday. YEAH! I posted the above painting to show my work in acrylics. I had not done my pulls in acrylic before so this is the FIRST. Sometimes we are afraid or hesitant to step out try something new, so I did. I need to explore acrylics more. I was surprised by a phone call this week from a man named Rick Armstrong. My thanks to Diane for connecting us. Rick has a new gallery opening in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Diane is represented there as are some additional awesome artists. Rick had goggled my name and the first words from his mouth were, "You certainly have a web presence." He has invited me to be apart of the new gallery and I am sending work out on Monday. Here is the new website they are working on. Rare Gallery There are some interesting pieces and fascinating approaches. It is a gallery with great appeal. Last
Mini Peonies ~ Flowers in Art by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 18 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home SOLD This is a small version of a larger painting I did this summer. I had to do a commission piece similar and I did this as a warm up to get into the right rhythm for the curls! Rhythm seems to be the key word here. Last night I woke to a rumble vibration deep in the earth. I have never felt anything like it before. At first I thought it was a train on the nearby track rumbling, but it was not. This was deeper in the earth and I could feel it just like you would a deep bass note taking over the foundation, the floor, the furniture etc. It ended and I began to relax and it hit again. I knew then I was not dreaming. I have NO idea what it was. I asked Terry this morning if it could have been the impact testing they do with all the gas wells out here in the country...he was not sure, but I know that the sound waves were strong and relentless. Life seems to be th
Buffalo Pull ~ Wildlife Art by Laurie Justus Pace 22 x 28 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home SOLD It is early. Terry was not sleeping well and woke me at now it is almost four thirty and he is snoring away and I am wide awake. Figure it was a good time to blog. He worked physically too hard yesterday moving heavy refrigeration equipment at his dad's house. I am concerned he has hurt himself. The house is under contract and we have but 11 days to finish cleaning out the remainder of the garage. Our second concern is his dad working over there too much as well. I believe Terry is way over tired. This is a buffalo pull with oils. Painted from pictures I took this summer. Painted with the same patterns of pulling the paint and finding what flows from the set up. Somehow that seems to be life as much happening and pulling around us and since we have such little control, we have to make life out of what is around us. There are sea
Stay tuned for my Blog. ...I am out the door to Dallas and will finish this once I am there. This is RED AND BLUE.....more to come, tune back in around nine thirty central time!. Laurie
Wyoming Moose ~ Wild Life Art by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 24 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for your Home. SOLD SOLD SOLD This moose is for Tom in Wyoming. He is the one that sent the list that brought on the Mountain Goat yesterday. Moose was number three on the list. I have not painted number two yet. Goat was number one. Hesitant because I have only painted three moose in my career...I stepped out and hit it with the same way I would a horse and I hope it worked. Well, my father in law's home has contract offers. We will be packing to ship early this morning and then hitting the road to get in to Dallas to do paperwork with him. Then tomorrow we will be back to finish or hopefully finish cleaning out the garage. My poor husband still has a huge task in front of him with that. His brother Howard was over there on Sunday digging out a path just to get in the garage. If you live in Dallas or Fort Worth and need any of the following email me by this afte
MOUNTAIN GOAT ~ Wildlife Art by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 24 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home SOLD SOLD SOLD It is Sunday morning. I will NOT be painting least it is not in the plans! I worked from four thirty a.m. yesterday until almost five last night. That was enough for me. Morgan came over and painted yesterday. He posted his work on and had it sold for the BUY IT NOW price in less than twenty minutes. Gee, mine don't go that fast! LOL The painting.... Tom from Wyoming, one of my collectors sent me a list of things he wanted to see me paint and this was the first one I Mountain Goat. I had such a joy painting him! He is climbing, one leg extended upward on a rock...full beard and lots of color filling in the white coat. Enjoy. This painting is available...just email me. We ate late last night up in Ponder. We had run to Penney's to do an exchange and then were going to eat...they were packed and
IN HER GARDEN By Laurie Justus Pace 24 x 30 unframed, with the frame it is 30 x 36 inches. Clearing out from NY Show, Custom Framed from The Dutch Art Gallery This painting is looking for it's home...gorgeous impressionism with layers of paint, all applied with a palette knife. SOLD Saturday Morning has found me up early and really ready to paint. Habits are habits though and blogging my paintings comes first. The piece above was at the NY show this summer. I had it sent home to sell from the blog or from eBay, which ever happens first. If you need a really large piece, NICE large piece and you like this, email me as it is looking for its home. The brown paper on the back of the painting has a slight tear in it, but the painting and the frame are in perfect condition. I do not normally post prices on the blog but will assure you it is affordable, so if you like it email me. The frame alone was $250 and I have it priced just a bit higher than this. Old I read Dai
JACKSON ONE Abstract Horse Painting by Laurie Justus Pace 22 x 28 inches Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for the Home SOLD SOLD SOLD This is what happened as I branched off to try and new technique....TAR GEL! It certainly gave new definition to three dimensional. I entitled it Jackson after Jackson Pollock and his abstract work on canvas. Using the tar gel, I was provided with a creative freedom of actual play as I discovered it's versatility. It is Friday. I will be finishing up my Wolf commission painting for Jeff and getting back in the saddle working up the pieces for Hong Kong. Florence wrote this morning that the new website for the gallery should be complete soon and they will (IF I CAN GET MY WORK THERE BY NOV 10) feature my work in their winter publications. SOOO, I am going to be painting the next three days pretty intensely. To do this I will have to draw upon the depth of the spirit with in to allow it to be the primary source of energy. Center
In the Raw ~ Nude by Laurie Justus Pace 24 x 36 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for your Home SOLD There is something about color and the body and the play of lights and shadows that urges this forward. Actually painted from sketches I did in college YEARS ago, too many to count...but authenticate in my box of work. This is my third in the series of Nudes 2007. I did two in 2006. Yesterday I played in paint in the morning experimenting with a new technique and approach. Taking Diane's advise at least. Started another typical explosion of color painting and sketched out a commissioned wolf painting I will start this morning. I will finish up my first piece for the Hong Kong Gallery today too....and then get ready for teaching this afternoon. BUSY day. Even in the midst of the BUSY I know there is divine order surrounding me. All circumstances fall into place for God's plan, even the challenging ones. Walk in faith today and go forward with your faith know
Orange Poppies by Laurie Justus Pace 30 x 30 inches on Gallery Wrap Canvas. Ready to hang! Available, please contact me. Wednesday October 3, 2007 This Week's Theme: Opposites Attract: Blues & Oranges this week's selections by Kris Jean $895.00 I was honored this morning to see my Orange Poppy painting chosen as the ART of the Day on EBSQ. There was an excellent article written for the teaching of children and adults on complimentary colors. If you have the time check it out! This painting is available, just contact me. Laurie Pace Art in the home is not just a financial investment, but a true investment in your life, your everyday life. A painting that hangs in your home becomes woven into the fabric of your life and the generations of your family. Think about it, isn't there a piece of art work you remember from your home growing up? Buying art online is a challenge, but currently you have a huge selection of talented artists selling their work through v
MUSTANG WILD HERD ~ Horizon Horse Art Original By Laurie Justus Pace 60 x 18 x 3 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas Contemporary Art for your Home SOLD It is barely morning....and we are heading into Dallas to clean up my father in laws house. I have been up awhile this morning. Should not have eaten Mexican food so late last night, but I did finish a good book! This painting was done yesterday before we did our shipping. We left for Grapevine late to mail out and ate very late...but I did finish this beauty before we did. This painting has 17 gorgeously carved out horses for you to enjoy! I am deeply honored to be complimented again by seeing both my wolves on black and my horizon horses imitated and duplicated by other artists. Originality is a prized thing in artwork when you collect it. As Diane always does when this happens to her, is find a new subject to explore, I will indeed follow her suggestion. Originality is a gift of creation...geez, look at each of us and how uniq
Little Tex ~ Longhorn Steer by Laurie Justus Pace 18 x 27 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas October first.... wow and it still feels like summer outside. I must be in Texas. Sometimes I wonder WHY my parents moved here when I was four years old. I would have truly picked a better climate! This is my longhorn I did for the Dallas show, but it did not dry enough for it~ Thick paint was the problem! Inner peace...often hard to maintain when trouble seems to brew daily in our lives. We seem to complicate our every day existence by all of our commitments we make to everyone. Try to stay focused today on the peace that the Lord gives you so freely and you ignore so routinely. I leave you with the thoughts of peace that are there in your heart and mind...breath deeply and place yourself in God's light. Grace, Laurie “Live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you.”—2 Corinthians 13:11