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Breaking Through the Line 18 x 27 inches Oil on Canvas Contemporary Art Work SOLD Friday morning...whew, where did the week go? I am still not caught up. Need to make a list to get it all done. This painting was completed was one of those that started out being something else, like a landscape...go figure. That is how our lives are though. We all seem to formulate plans (with control) of how we want our lives to be. Even the tightest control person has NO CONTROL. The results are often our lives seem to be in a mess, just like my original painting was. I spent sooo much time on it, but it just didn't work once I photographed it. So when your life seems boggled inside out and you don't know what to do with everything, go to the Lord in prayer. AND, not just in prayer, but in faith. Believe he has good for you. Believe in your right to have good things in your life. (Good things are simple things...not the worldly junk around us). Trust in eager anticipati
MORNING LIGHT HAZE 30 x 30 inches Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas A Painting a Day SOLD It is early this morning, not quite Five a.m. We both woke up hot about an hour ago. He is snoring again...I am in the studio. Thought I would knock the blog out and then prepare his breakfast and lunch to get him out the door. This painting was finished yesterday. Inspired by a photo I saw years ago of a murky morning with haze and light intermixed, tones of yellow, caramel and white blend to create the background. The horses are done in bold browns, golds, turquoise and oranges. It is quite peaceful, but not my usual as far as palette goes. I may be experimenting again. Life is full! Fullness of Joy! Contemplation here. Remembering back to my teenage years and my grandmother and her wisdom when I would always ask about happiness. It always seemed so elusive then. Age has found a peace with contentment of what is in the moment. Each moment you breathe is JOY. Stop today and breathe slowly t
RUNNING WILD 18 x 27 inches Oil on Canvas Contemporary Modern Art Good Wednesday. Terry returned to work today so I am back working full time. We worked here at home yesterday finishing up boxing for shipping and me buried still in paperwork from the wreck. Everyone continues to ask for the same thing five times at least! We made Fedex by two yesterday and headed into the Big D to use the truck to pick up my father in law's new bed. When we were at Macy's, I realized the woman helping him has sold furniture to every member of our family from my mom to all my kids, to us and now to Ben. She knows her stuff. It has been about two years since I saw her and we caught up quickly. Her hubby is a photographer that does the art show circuit. I hope we meet in the future, sounds like we have much in common. We truly never know what somethings happen in life and who God brings into our lives. We ended the evening with a YUM dinner at ST Cafe again and a trek through Whole Foods f
REFLECTIONS OF GLORY 18 x 27 inches Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas Contemporary Art SOLD Good morning. I was up painting this at two a.m. We stayed up watching a movie and Terry rolled over and started snoring last night and my mind was going ninety to nothing. So about One thirty I got up and decided to paint and I did until I finished it. Granted I am typing this with zero sleep in over 24 hours...but oh well. This piece had to do with direction and lack of and taking the time to reflect of where we are and not so much where we are going. Must let that be up to God. We drove into Dallas yesterday with good intentions of moving the last of our boxes out of my father in law's house to our storage unit there. We also were going to pick up our other sailboat to bring it back to the country. Well, we got there and we took off for Krogers to pick up his prescriptions, then to the realtor's to sign paperwork on the house and lastly to Three Fountains where he is moving. No box
IDIOT's DELIGHT 16 x 20 inches Oil on Canvas A Painting a Day Well, this was done quite a while 1991. I painted for my husband. Idiot's Delight is the name of the B17. My technique and approach has changed, so I decided sometime in the next month to take another old bird will have to watch to keep up. I have a new WIDGET on my blog...but for the life of me I cannot figure out how you could get it to your desktop...I don't speak computerese, but I will consult my younger brother the computer guru. He may have answers. Yesterday was the party of our 10 year old grandson...I am sugared out. I think he had fun! Twister was a giggle and a half and No I only watched. We compiled a scrapbook for him with all his friends and family building it. Something he can reflect on always as he hits the two digit age...turning away from the single digits forever! Surrender to the grace of God today. Give grace to those around you. The gifts of grace and forgivene
Pot of Orange Poppies 24 x 24 Inches Oil with Acrylic Undercoats on Gallery Wrapped Canvas A Painting A Day Sunday dawns with thoughts of Jonathan's 10th birthday party today. I am gearing up. I NEED to be painting, But first things will probably be tomorrow before I paint! This painting is NEW YORK at my show and is the cover of my summer book. This picture does not do it justice as it is layers of thick paint and dimensional overlays. Bottom layer is blue acrylic, everything else is oil. A tremendous painting with power. On this day I ask you to remember you too were created by the Father. You are filled with good and it is your challenge to pass this good on to all you pass today. Have reverence for His creation both in you and in all people. Grace, Laurie “For I have not spoken on my own, but the Father who sent me has himself given me a commandment about what to say and what to speak. And I know that his commandment is eternal life. What I speak, therefore, I s
Out of the Night 24 X 36 inches Oil on Canvas A Painting a Day Good Saturday Morning. I do not know if I posted this painting or not, but here it is again if I did. I am in Dallas. Spent the night at my mom's house...Terry and I both did. His dad is doing fine. He should be released from the hospital this morning. Meanwhile Terry has much moving of stuff to do today. Me, I am waiting here at mom's for Jonathan's special delivery birthday present. Jonathan is our 10 year old grandson. He was born 10 years ago today. He should be coming over to swim at my mother's house this afternoon and tomorrow Terry and I are hosting his 10th birthday party in Justin where all his Justin friends can come and celebrate with him. Terry ordered him a DARTH MAUL double ended lightsaber from eBay. The awesome seller in Beverly Hills is overnighting the sword to my moms! He has been one of the most cooperative sellers on eBay! Peaceful interlude...hummm I always called it Plateau-ing
NIGHT POWER 30 x 30 inches Oil on Canvas A Painting a Day Not quite finished but I wanted to post it! I told you several mornings ago I had a vision of wolves just before I woke. I even addressed visions yesterday in my blog. The painting is ALMOST done. I know by posting this it will prompt a wolf painting from an artist that seems to follow and duplicate my subjects in a competitive husband has a bet on that at least! As I have always written, art should come from the spirit with in, not necessarily a "planned" event or competition. These animals have distinct personalities that almost frighten me when I am staring at it or working on it. I rarely RARELY paint wolves, but again a vision led this painting to be. In the vision it was three wolves, but in the painting it evolved to THREE EYES. That alone seem to be enough to quietly affect the viewer into slight hesitation to approach the composition. The fur seems full and textured that you might want to b
STONE BRIDGE Central Park New York 18 X 27 inches Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas A Painting a Day Thursday is dawning. This painting was finished up on Tuesday. It is the fourth in my Central Park New York Series. This series is painted with a palette knife and the paint is layered in about five layers and is very very thick. Dreams and visions. I did begin my painting yesterday of the Wolves I saw standing in my dream. Wolves are not a common subject for me to paint. I do about one or two a year I guess. My dream was really vivid, or the image was. I will finish it up today or tomorrow and will post it for you. Often we have dreams and visions in our life. They may not necessarily be an indicator of the future, but they are indicators of what lies in your thoughts that God knows before you know. Often these are doors we are to knock on, but they may not necessarily open. Dreams initiate thoughts and hopes. God will reveal things to us in his time. I always think back to Se
NOON TIDE 18 x 27 inches Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas No Frame Needed. A Painting A Day Wednesday. I woke this morning with a vision. I don't know that I can get it on canvas this morning but will try! I was not going to paint today, but it is urging me to pick up the brush. This painting was completed Monday, another crisp fun Tuscany look on the sea. Bright colors and very thick paint applied with my palette knife. No plans today, sometimes that is good and sometimes that is bad! I need to call my moms to get chugging for fall teaching. I have my syllabus complete for the fall but I need to order my supplies. I am praying your day goes well. Sometimes when you plan ahead things never seem to fall in place and often this brings frustration. God seems to pop in those unexpected situations and that is when we need to sit back and let him work. Hugs special to Sue and Charlene today. I feel like a bad friend not touching base, but this past three weeks has been more than busy.
STARE 11 x 14 inches Oil on Panel A Painting a Day SOLD on Daily Painters Again from our trip... a painting from the road! The deer were abundant in Colorado! Thick paint and a fast brush tooled this composition out. Have been up since five. We had to drive the car to south west FT Worth to the auto body shop that didn't fix it right and meet with the insurance company and the shop to remedy what was not addressed. They will do the work next week. Everyone seems to be on vacation. BUT we are home now and I will be painting in the studio this morning...rather frantically I am afraid. Time to crank the music, meditate, pray and then let the spirit take over. The economy seems to be rather shaky right now. Not sure that art will be selling well over the next year. The Mortgage industry is failing and when it goes into a dive that affects the real estate market and the building market. All three of our children are in this stuff, Justin is with Nationstar Mortgage, Stacey with D
LAKE SIDE 11 x 14 inches Oil on Panel A Painting a Day Monday Monday...horses are on my easel but not this post! Three horse heads drawn on last month but not painted yet...but they are ready to come to life. This painting was from the trip...a piece painted from Colorado. Beautiful color and contrast in this capture of light and beauty...or at least my attempt at it! The Lord's beauty shines so brightly I know I barely do it justice. Today is shipping and the bug man is coming to spray. We use ECO SAFE out of Dallas and it is basically ORANGE OIL etc. I do not use chemicals in my home. Then it is off to FedEX. Terry has one week left of vacation. I am so glad he is not working in this heat. Saturday we had the dogs groomed. We have been trying to keep them clean and fighting the summer muck outside. It dawned on me this morning that Annie is older than I am. She is 8 this month...makes her 56. I need to find her bed, Terry was washing them on Sat but they have not show
HEART TO HEART KOI 22 x 28 inches Oil on Canvas A Painting a Day Sunday morning and we have BOTH been up since four a.m. Terry got up and made coffee, grinding fresh beans, I had peppermint tea and mixed up a bowl of banana bread (homemade) and put it in loaf pan to bake and 45 minutes later we broke our fast with hot banana bread. YUMMM...we were watching the original Perry Mason movie in black and white. Actually pretty good. The koi were painted this past week and full of the lightness of the water. They are always a joy to paint! Had a request for odd sizes in watch for more! The name is because I see a heart forming in the water between these two koi. Terry is in the garage making boxes for shipping this week and I am sorting COA's and filling out fed ex forms. We have spent most of this week in Dallas with his Dad. I think he has found a retirement home. This is really good for him, it will be cleaner and healthier. There will be much work involved cleaning u
Energy of Three Three 18 x 27 inch canvas together creating 27 x 54 inches of color! Oil on Canvas A Painting a Day SOLD SOLD SOLD Saturday morning has not dawned yet, but I am up to do book work. I might try and paint a a bit if I get through it all, but we are Dallas bound to check on Terry's dad and take the dogs to the groomer. I worked on these three beauties last week and finished them up yesterday. Layers of impasto and color create another dynamic trio of energy. Amanda phoned from Wyoming and the Shooting Stars Gallery to share the news that another large painting sold for a future "Christmas Gift". That always means so much to me that paintings are gifts to be shared...that is how I view my art as one of those gifts and it is indeed an honor. On Thursday we were in Dallas to pick up art supplies at Asel Art and to check on Terry's Dad. Looks like a bit more surgery next week for a second stint. We took him to lunch and then we went to look at one of the s
ENERGY OF FIVE 18 x 27 inches Oil on Canvas A Painting a Day RAIN and cooler temps from the hurricane that is blowing through our blowing righit now, but as I look outside my realtor's for sale sign is gone...LOL. This painting was finished two days ago. Celebrating life and color and the heat of August, those emotions are the ones that pushed this to the surface of the canvas. It began as a floral with entwining stems and leaves of color and then the movement of the paint took life and from it came my painted ponies! Today I will be home painting unless we have to run into Dallas. We were there yesterday and ate at Uncle Julios...Mexcian food. Yummmm. Much lies before us in decisions and loved ones in our lives. Terry and I draw closer as we are centered in the awareness of Spirit and the presence of the Lord. Our lives are unpredictable and the only calm is in Him. Today forgive others for any perceived wrongdoing. and forgive yourself for holding thoughts of bei
Early Morning Wyoming 11 x 14 inches Oil on Panel A Painting a Day SOLD There will be some small paintings from the trip here and there...I hope you enjoy them. Most are on panel board and all have thick paint. This one is in colors that are not normally in my palette. An old barn that was next to a small pond, the house was actually to the right further but out of my view. Reclaiming your worthiness is important to your heath and your family. The world we live in today beats us down on a daily basis. Time spent in prayer and reflection with God offers us the time to rejuvenate and find our centering. In this time we are healed...if we let go and let God. Shalom, Laurie “When Jesus saw her, he called her over and said, ‘Woman, you are set free from your ailment.’” —Luke 13:12
AUGUST HEAT 30 x 30 inches Oil/Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas A Painting a Day SOLD T'is early this morning, not even five a.m. Terry was snoring soundly as I crept out of the bedroom in to work. This vacation stuff is hard, I want to paint, but we are always on the go. August Heat was painted just before we left the first of August for Wyoming. It is an acrylic base built with impasto and thick paint and then covered with a layer of oil and accents of oil in colors. Unusual today, but I will post the enter for today. This is for Richard in Florida as well as Terry and I as we face indecision over our move or build situation. Daily Word — Wednesday, August 15, 2007 Divine Order Divine order is unfolding in my life right now. Some trees begin to grow with a spindly, lopsided appearance. Yet a wise gardener knows that in time, those scraggly branches will become full, feathery fronds of graceful and intricate symmetry. Nature offers cou
Central Park Statue 18 x 27 inches Oil on Canvas A Painting a Day SOLD Have you ever lived a day with out electricity when it is 104 degrees outside? We survived and it was after eleven last night when we finally got power on. NOT FUN. I only worked on one piece yesterday and could not do anything else with the computer of course. This painting is restful and simple in composition. I finished this one before our trip. Terry walked in yesterday and had not seen it before we left. He stood in front of it for about five minutes and turned to me and said, "THAT'S COOL". High praise from my hubby.yes We did take 12 paintings in to Fed ex out and will do another today and hopefully head into Whole Foods to shop. There is no food. It is God's work that we did not shop yesterday or the day before because wtih 12 hours of no power I am pretty positive everything is toast in the refrigerator. Email me if you think otherwise! We had a marvelous morning yesterday with a co
A Group of Three 30 x 30 inches Oil on Canvas A Painting a Day SOLD Almost two weeks ago, before we left on our trip, I hung this painting in the studio knowing I was not through with it and not sure what energy had transpired. When we returned this week and I saw it, I knew it was complete. So often in life relationships come and go...some people that come into your life are solid and stay through everything, while others come and go and some never return. In this painting the two front horses represent the calm stayed relationship. In the background hovers a third horse, rather unsure of the balance of energy, and not representing the three in one energy. The composition lends it self upside down to the power of the triangle but the actual horses do not in their relationship. This is simply the pondering of the artist. Often when I paint I do not know the why of what evolves. So I present to you "A GROUP OF THREE". Through this I celebrate divine nature! Last night wh
TRUE COLORS 24 X 36 inches Oil on Canvas A Painting a Day SOLD EARLY on is almost five. I was hot and woke up deciding to come into the studio and work. I will paint for the first time in 10 days! This piece was done before we left, and I am posting probably for the second time, but hopefully once I am churning today there will be new ones! This is painted with the palette knife and thick paint of many colors. Where did all this heat come from? Triple digit temps are pretty harsh. August is not going to be pretty is it. We are struggling to keep trees alive. Caring for the beauty God provided is important, and it is not just the world around us, but ourselves. We water our trees and our grass, but are we watering and caring for ourselves as he would want us to do? When was the last time you sat in silence and listened to God? Or, when was the last time you watered some one else with love and tenderness? Grace, Laurie “God saw everything that he had made, and indeed,
SUMMER RUN Oil on Canvas 30 x 30 inches A Painting a Day Click here to bid. SOLD Back in the saddle!~ Today I will be answering emails and revamping my schedule. I have several commission pieces to get out that are dry and several to begin as well. This horse was painted just before we left on vacation. He is nice and dry now and ready for a home. If you are interested click the link above and visit my auction on eBay. I felt so bad letting the Daily Painters down last week. I usually post 6 out of 7 days, and I think I was only able to post three days with the travel into the mountains and limited internet access. Lunch today with my neighborhood women and I get to catch up on everyone's lives. I am not keen on the "WHERE" in town, but I can eat later! I may think about doing a website for the women so we can keep up with each other and prayer needs etc. More to come and after nine hours of sleep I am ready to face the day. I want you to know that this day is full o
Mother's Magnolias Oil on Canvas 24 X 36 inches A Painting a Day CLICK HERE TO BID. SOLD WE ARE HOME! I am reposting this painting because it is on eBay and has no bids. It is truly a beautiful painting and I am hoping to find a new home for it! If not, it will hang here until the right one comes available. We returned early from Breckenridge. I spent part of yesterday morning in the ER with Altitude Sickness...I had gotten worse and suddenly I was totally disoriented. Thank goodness for Terry and our friends, Arlo and Jan from Arizona. They bundled me right to the ER and after checking me out I was on oxygen for about three hours as we- oops as THEY packed to descend the mountainous terrain. WOW. We missed out on our last afternoon and night together. We had not seen these wonderful friends in almost ten years. Jan has always been like my older sister and Arlo, gee, he is an original~! He and Terry could talk airplanes all day. (Arlo was in the airforce...) Jan and I, well w
WILD WIND SOLD Okay I am in Colorado.... on a new mac laptop at starbucks, and of course as I open this blogspot it is not opening like it does at home...only in HTML. So I do not have the normal screen. Just wanted to post and let you know we are doing well despite the altitude and my head pounding. The Wyoming Show was FABULOUS and both Terry and I have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful folks in Glenrock. I can't Thank Shooting Stars Gallery enough for having me! Maybe tomorrow I can figure out how to get the regular screen back. We have 10 m"in parking limit outside and I am typing fast!!!! Grace to you all, and Glory to the Lord! Laurie eek no bible with me! I have to skip rather than try and mess it up. I have to stay with "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your insight. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your paths." Proverbs
ORANGE POPPIES in a BLUE POT 30 x 3o inches Oil on Canvas To purchase go to EarthWorks Art Gallery From the Wiles of Wyoming I am posting. This painting is not at this show but at my New York show which is going on right now. You can click the link above to see the work there. IT has been going well. Stephanie, the Gallery Manager, has kept in close contact with me on sales. Here in Wyoming at the opening last night I sold five paintings and had a BLAST. We had close to 200 guests here, including senators from the state of Wyoming. Amanda Smith of Shooting Stars Gallery and Studio hosted a fabulous evening of food and fun for our joint first annual WILD WILD WEST CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW. Her crew here in the studio are fabulous, Brenda, Mike and Wes...everything looks fabulous. We are just outside of Casper Wyoming in Glenrock. This morning we watched a parade and had breakfast at the local restaurant...and are sitting back enjoying the cool and the breeze..... I will be painting in
Geez no painting to post. I left the memory thing in the car and it is parked with the I will miss posting a painting today. Terry and I are in Denver....I was going to visit another artist here on Sunday after my show in wyoming this weekend, but do not have any email addresses with me or phone numbers!!! SO if you know who you are email me at my mac address or the Send me your phone number and I can call! Meanwhile, Terry and drove to Amarillo last night from Dallas and into Denver today. We are at the Adam's Mark in downtown Denver, having a picnic from WHole foods in the room! TOo beat to eat anywhere. Promise to check back in soon with more. WE head to Glenrock tomorrow. Grace to all, Laurie "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your insight. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your paths."
Midnight Seascape 18 X 27 inches Oil on Canvas A Painting a Day It is Wednesday! All the paintings left for more thing behind me. I will be traveling some over the next week but will continue to post. I spent yesterday going over everything with the couple that will be staying at our home, house sitting and dog sitting. We have to make sure our animals are happy! Annie does not like the pet hotel. The pet Hotel does not like Paddy. So, we will let the dogs stay home! Now that summer has arrived we have to make sure all the trees and plants are watered too. Sometimes leaving home is a problem more than a joy. Maybe if we had a sprinkler system it might be easier. I will put that on my wish list. This painting is one of my favorite pull pieces with colors blending and merging into others. I use a thin palette knife to create this style and I am a lover of purples and blues... very restful to paint. Remember to rest in the Him to show you the w