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Three Ring Circus . Wolves in the Snow . Contemporary Wildlife Paintings . Laurie Pace Texas Artist

Color of Wind . Change is in the Air . Contemporary Horse Paintings . Laurie Pace Texas Artist

Sleeping Cowboy . Ernest Hemingway . Sunday, a day of rest . Western Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

In a Day's Work . Bravery . Garden of Gethsemane . Cowboy Roping . Laurie Pace Texas Artist

Tea Party? . Texas in Wonderland . Having Fun 15 Years Ago . Having Fun Fifty Years Ago . Laurie Pace Texas Artist

What do you eat? . What do you watch? . Contemporary Abstract Horse Paintings . Texas Artist Laurie Pace . Pure Justus

Winter to Spring . Wild Horses Running Loose . Laurie Pace . Texas Artist . Contemporary Horse Paintings

Blue Arising . Hebrew Explanations . Horse Paintings . Laurie Pace