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13 March 2008

Boy and Dog by Laurie Justus Pace

8 x 10 Oil on Canvas
My Buddy and Me Series

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I have five minutes. FIVE minutes to do this blog and hit the easel. Charlene sent me an article about NOT GETTING THINGS DONE... that was me again yesterday. It is the constant life interruptions that get me off track, from paying bills, to answering phones, to trying to get phone service with ATT and dump Time Warner. I have always said "If people would just do their jobs..." because after I spent 45 min on Monday lining up service on ATT, I had to redo it yesterday again because someone didn't finish the order. BUT the good side - bad side was, we cannot keep our phone number we just got and trying to learn another new number doesn't sit well with either Terry or I. We were able to get his dad's old number that he had for 50 we both know the number. By March 26th I will be officially ATT. Good riddance to TWC and their total inability to stay focused and provide utility service. I have wasted close to 60 hours messing with them in the past three months.

I think my best share today is when you feel unraveled, stop and take one of those meditating moments and breathe. Allow the Lord to bring peace back into your being and then pick back up with a positive attitude knowing He is in charge and you gave up control for the day. I will be on my knees in a moment before I start painting today.

In His Love,


"They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful works." Psalm 145:5

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