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23 June 2010

River Crossing Abstract Horse Painting Equine Art by Texas Horse Artist Laurie Pace

'River Crossing'
9 x 12  Acrylic on Canvas

$125 includes shipping

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The Painting: Just very very thick paint... that is why the extra close up or two.

The Thought:  A trip to Dallas yesterday always eats into my painting time. We are expecting old high school friends (Lake Highlands High School Richardson TX)  in from Salt Lake City today, Barbie and Kent.  We would love to have them retire here too!  BUT we had lunch with one of my favorite men in my life, Terry's dad, Ben.  He is always smiling and spreading joy. Terry commented he would give Sheriff Paul a run for his money working a room shaking hands and sharing a smile.  I do believe God blessed us with this wonderful man in our life.  He provides a steady example of his life honoring the Lord.  It is in his actions, his words and his deeds. Thanks Ben for a wonderful time yesterday... the Fabulous Food!... the beautiful garden... picture below... and the visit.

Watch for this on canvas,  possibly 30 x 40!

I think I mentioned I was reading Beth Moore's book on insecurity.  I found this blog review of it if you want to go check it out:  The blog is entitled Tracy's Book Nook.  It is a good review.

Of course on the way into Dallas, Terry and I discussed the definition of pride and the definition of dignity.  Have you ever considered the two and what they mean?  Terry had a good comparison as he talked yesterday morning about pride being a human thing and dignity being God given.  I love these conversations when we have them... we pray and talk and really explore the given subject.  His views always are thought provoking, enough that I googled it and read some before writing this morning.

C. when you read this you will know I mastered up all my dignity when I phoned you yesterday afternoon to make you laugh....private conversation!  I had no pride, only dignity.

The best research I found came from a blog called www. 

"I’ve had a dialogue going on in my head for quite some time. It involves the comparison of two qualities. Both qualities are represented in people I have known through the years, and both have provided opportunities for growth and improvement. This is why I believe it is not necessarily a bad thing to have negative people in our lives. While it is important to note when to stop allowing influence, it is also important to learn from them.

So the dialogue that has been taking place has been about the qualities of dignity versus the quality of pride. Both are similar, in that they involve a place of elevation. Where they differ, though, is in who gives them that elevation. With dignity, there is a strong sense of self respect which doesn’t come from a position, or place in life. It comes from the knowledge of
“who's I am and how I got here.” Of course Christ is central to that equation. The elevation comes from others and how they see this person, rather than from the person themselves. The one with dignity possesses a sense of calm and contentment that goes beyond their circumstances or lot in life. I have seen dignity in villages under the poorest conditions, as well as in the vilest of times in someone’s life. It speaks volumes.

Pride, on the other hand, is content only when it stands on the shoulders of others. It has to put someone else down so that it can lift itself up. Pride is not content, and is dependent on others for it’s elevation. Pride needs position in order survive. It cannot exist outside of position. It doesn’t speak volumes, but works to squelch those who threaten it.

Dignity. It should be honored in others, developed in ourselves, and modeled for those who don’t possess it." Stacy  at

The first thing that hit home was her statement of it not necessarily being a bad thing to have negative people in our lives because it does teach us how to not be influenced or intimidated by their actions.  We learn from this.  Insecurity is born if you do not learn from it... so insecurity seems to be a possible bi-product of pride.  

Terry and I talked about 'pride in your artwork'.   I shared that I felt doing a piece of art with the spirit was always a fulfilling experience as you learn from the journey.  Doing the best you can with the gift of painting is sharing a precious gift from Him with others.  The actual journey of creating that piece and wanting it to be the best you can put your energy into with His grace is the ultimate.  So really I began to understand it for me is NOT the pride in the work, but the dignity in the work honoring the Lord.

The true journey in the process of creating art is a relationship between Him and I and the canvas.  It matters not the value of the painting, or who likes it or what comments negative or positive are made about it...what matters is that initial journey of creation and my emotions in the journey.   So you may or may not like my art and I have learned over the past ten years that the question is not a question of "do you like this?"  rather it is a statement of ' This is a piece of me, created with the best parts of my soul and His spirit and I feel good about it.'

Perhaps this applies to our lives.  We allow the seeds of insecurity to bloom.  And as they bloom they get out of control, like a bad weed growing in the garden.  Our pride usually stands there fertilizing it as we become entangled in the heavy growth.  God did not give us insecurities, He gave us dignity and strength and we are empowered with those through Him. We created those insecurities and we empowered them to have control of us, to give us doubts and make us lash out at others trying to intimidate them.  Those insecurities only have the power we give to them. It is time to call them to the front and tell them goodbye. 

As I told K yesterday, it is time to refuse to dance.


“The LORD will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”- Psalm 121:7-8

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Stacy said...

Thank you for the kind words. I can tell you in all honesty that dealing with difficult people or negative influences is a constant learning experience in my life, and the lesson I spoke of took quite a while to learn! I'm sure God was thinking, "Ok Stacy, here we go, one more time...." :) But I've learned to welcome the difficulty as an opportunity to grow and see what my Father wants me to learn each time. Only through God's grace.

Still browsing your amazing paintings! I just had a conversation with a friend last week about artists and how they put themselves into their work. Your post illustrated that so well. I'm off to point her in this direction... Blessings!

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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