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19 August 2010

Orange Horse Contemporary Equine Art Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Orange Horse'
24 x 24  Acrylic on Canvas
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Yesterday was not a stellar day.  It was not one of those days like I had on Monday where it all worked.   I started out good  by exercising and I will probably walk this morning.  I did about 45 min on the Wii with aerobics and yoga.   But the rest of the day I was pedaling backwards and growing more frustrated by the moment.  I never got to paint yesterday and I am in the midst of a nice piece that I want to work on. Maybe today.

The morning seemed tied up in the new site and adding new members. This is a continuous project. Then Vernita who does the membership stuff for Artists of Texas is on vacation.  I had discovered an email address I didn't check all summer (I did keep up with one of them) and it had 160 messages on it.  By the time I waded through all of this we left to go pick up Terry's truck from the sew and repair shop.  They informed us his battery was very weak, so that created an extended trip to the auto place store for a new battery.  We got home about five... and I snapped green beans for us to eat.  Terry made them in bacon with new potatoes for us to eat today. YUMMM..but for last night he made homemade pizza.  I took a break for 30 minutes to eat and Stacey called in the middle of that... "PLEASE let us Skype you."  Tink was upset and wanted to visit us.  

Then Stacey shared that one of her Credit Card companies had phoned and someone was charging away on her card...but she had her card.  Thieves are smart today and they slide the card out of your wallet, write down the info including the three digit magic number on the back and they go home and charge away on the internet. They of course check out your license to see where you live for the CC information.  What I don't get is they would have to have your phone number.... and that they would have to get through information...but it is doable.  

I can't wait to find out more. The culprit lives in Highland Park TX on Lovers Lane... an expensive part of the Dallas area where the richest of the rich live.  Someone had busy little fingers on the internet charging things. I suspect kids.

By this time... it was 8 pm... and I got notice from Fine Art America that I had sold a print but they needed higher resolution.  Of course I do not have that painting any more.... my computer bogged down while I tried to "Time Machine" backwards for it. I found the images but none were usable for FAA.

The highlight of yesterday was one of those marque boards outside the churches.  "Can you live for Him?"   I felt it was missing something like "He died for you, Can you live for Him?"  Despite all the frustration of the day, I meditated on that last night and was able to sleep.  

We had been watching episodes of Pillers of the Earth and the plot is way twisted.  Several of the best characters all were totally unwavering in their simple faith and acceptance of God's presence in their lives as the Holiest and the Supreme Being, our Father.  In as many ways as it is a fabulous tale, it is also filled with violence, greed, war, blood, nudity and a pretty accurate portrayal of how life was in the 1200's. We are looking forward to the final three episodes.  In it you find exactly what I wrote earlier... He died for you, can you live for Him?


“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”- Philippians 1:21

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