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03 June 2010

Dancing in Color Abstract Equine Art Oil Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Dancing in Color'
18 x 24  Oil on Canvas

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The Painting: Had to archive today... was not here to paint, but my canvas arrived this afternoon!!! YEAH!!!  Canvas comes from Rupen at
He has absolutely the best smooth surface canvas I have painted on. You have to ask for smooth surface.  His toothy is okay but I LOVE his smooth surface.  His canvas is well built and extremely sturdy. Never in 7 years have I had a canvas warp. NEVER.

The Thought:  The Definition of Responsibility is..... ta da..... to respond. The word has many of definitions, but I sort of like this one. In my brain to be responsible takes responding. Right?

A Thesaurus definition says: An act or course of action that is demanded of one, as by position, custom, law, or religion:

To have an act or course of action is to respond.  Today I was finally on board the cat sailing.  Can't say I know a whole lot about sailing the boat, as I am more the enjoyer of the trip and not the sailor.  Terry is the sailor.  First I bounced around on the front left hull until my thighs were numb and cramped at the same time.  Then he invited me to the back of the boat to hold onto the 'tiller' he called it.  The rod that is attached to the rudders that stir the sailboat.  He was doing the ropes laying in the middle on the trampoline half reclined. (notation...NEVER and I mean NEVER sit on the ropes...very dangerous thing)  At least sitting at the back of the boat I was on the soft trampoline and not bouncing my bottom off on the front hull.  He was giving me responsibility and boy did I respond. 

He kept saying over the wind, "Can you feel it?"  I would just smile and nod my head... not sure what exactly he meant. I could feel the waves on the rudder and the movement of the boat, but still not a clue what to do in a row to keep it bopping and weaving back and forth across the lake.  Oh yeah, that is called 'tacking'.  Respond to me, "Can you feel it?"  Another affirmative head shake.

As the boat flew over the waves toward one of the points and a beautiful home on the water, after four tries I finally responded correctly and brought the boat around to a full tack...taking it to center point and pulling the rudder bar toward me as the jib settled midway and then snapped to back fill.  That is when you set the jib, cleat it and immediately allow the mainsail to fill and lock, oops cleat it down.

Don't let my lingo fool you. I need lots of practice... until I can fully respond... "I can really feel it." He is patient with me and truth be told, I don't think an hour lesson qualifies me to sail alone, I truly can't feel it and respond with the right actions in a row.  BUT, I love sailing and I will keep trying.

This is true with God. We can't always feel what it is He wants us to feel. I think we get in the way with our thoughts and desires to feel something different than what He has in mind. Give Him a affirmative prayer and keep trying to be responsible and respond by listening will feel it.


The Verse

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