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09 April 2010

'Late Sunset' Oil on Board by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Late Sunset'
6 x 6 Oil on Panel


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Sometimes many folks wonder why I get so agitated when artists cannot find their own spirit and do their own thing.  This is  a link which better be down shortly to further show what I mean:

Jennifer Hargove has taken it upon herself to "Steal" or "Borrow" or misrepresent herself 
by using my original artwork on her blog. She is an Alabama Artists.
The fine for copyright infringement in the USA is $250,000.  
Tell me how you would feel as an artist to find your ORIGINAL ARTWORK on someone else's blog and you can see where they faked the signature in black in photoshop on the image.
Yes my friends, this is totally irritating.  My work is original.  I am not honored by such actions, I am angered by them. I am totally sorry for this young woman that she has to stoop so low as to copy my artwork.  Incase the blog comes down, here is a screen shot of my work on her blog with her signature on top of it.

Screen shot. Click it for full blown image.

Altered only with the JH on the bottom right corner.

If you look over in my right bar you will see the Cowboy and Indian article about my work.  This
is the same image and it is indeed my artwork and not hers. It is owned by a collector in Austin that happens to be a lawyer. You will see this up one more time tomorrow in the blog as I was phoned by another artist that found it at ten this morning.

The Painting: well I did not paint yesterday, but I did unpack all the paints.  Terry set up my computer and I am on it now!  TOMORROW is another day.

The Thought:  As I unpacked my paints, I looked across the pond and saw a man fishing on the dock on the other side.  Perfect painting to come.  We decided after dinner to walk the neighborhood and we probably went about 2 miles.  It was absolutely gorgeous. Cool wind, blue violet sky and blooming azaleas everywhere. We even have azaleas here at our house. 

HERE is a slide show from our walk last night.


Not sure what will come on the canvas in the next few days, but I am ready to paint.  In His Time. This entire journey is in HIS TIME and not mine or Terry's.  We have struggled through some days, even nipping at each other in frustration, but the end always find us in prayer over the situation and me singing away "My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do." 

As we took Leah to school for her first day in high school here yesterday,  we practiced breathing in the car and visiting the NOW of this moment. The beautiful sunrise and the gorgeous spring around us with new baby calves nursing on the moms, the red birds darting between the trees and the deer running through the streets of our lake neighborhood.  Such a far cry from the streets of chaos in Dallas.  Living here is not the total top of the chart as everything has it's goods and bads.  But life is slower here, the people are much friendlier and you can't beat the view.  God graces our day and our lives right now as we begin again in this small community of about 3000 people. We are only 90 miles from Dallas and about 120 from Tink.  Stacey has been good to keep us up to date with pictures and artwork and we can't wait to see our little princess!

May your day be blessed with joy.


“For if, when we were God's enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!”- Romans 5:10


SarahBowie said...

So glad you are settling in and I see the big grin as you regard your computer and shelves. Getting back in business! Beautiful slide show. As you say no neighborhood or house is perfect but I guess we breathe through the not-so-great stuff and enjoy the wonders.

Roxanne Steed said...

Looks great so far! I think you'll have lots of amazing views to paint! Best wishes for a good transition to your new place!!

Arti said...

Your new home has splendid surroundings and views!Hope you settle in well and enjoy living here.cheers!

Miriam said...

Beautiful! I hope to someday live in TX in a spot like this!

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