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13 February 2010

Still no power. Three days now. House is below fifty degrees by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Trying to post via iPhone. Should we say UGH?

I cannot post a painting because I am on my laptop at my brothers just to say Good Morning and to ask for  prayer for the 250,000 households in Dallas with out power.  In our neighborhood it is so bad because there is a round of age 80 elderly and they have had to leave their homes. We will not leave ours as the area is open to be targeted and it is a more affluent neighborhood.  

This is day Three, and I simply had to have a shower....but home we will go to keep working on the house as we will be listing it on the market in about a week.  We truly need our power back on.

Patience is ours as we wait.  My brothers are in the kitchen here at the youngest ones home fixing breakfast. Terry and I ate at six with Peter Togel and sent him on his trek home to South Carolina with my huge printer.  He and Conni will love it and use it and I know it is at a good home.

Please stay with me and know there will be things posted again as soon as I have power at the house. ALl the files are on my hard-drive on my desktop Mac.

May His love surround you, slow down and count your it for heat or air conditioning... be it for a warm shower and a clean body, and enjoy the simplicity of quiet when you do finish the day and turn  into bed.

Hugs to each of you....from the frozen zone.


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Laura Frantz said...

Laurie, Praying for you in very practical ways, as well as the entire area. We have major outages here also and it really brings everything to a complete stop. My heart always goes out to the elderly, the hungry, the cold, etc.
Looking forward to hearing that everything is restored soon.

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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