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13 November 2009

'The Question of Color' Modern Equine Art Horse Oil Daily Painting by Texas Aritst Laurie Pace

'The Question of Color'

18 x 27  Oil on Canvas

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The Painting:  Here it is painted... I was going to pull paint so the next one will do that... this is heavy thick oils of Holbein Duo Oils and no impasto at all.  Just pure thick paint.  The face is carved with paint:

The ThoughtI was back at the puzzle today and decided there is still more to it.  I attack (note my words) the puzzle from the outside in, carefully constructing the outside edge pieces and then working my way into the center.  Terry is totally different.  He pulls together like pieces and begins from nothing to make something. 

I guess that means I am way more left brain and controlling, but he sure is pushing the edge of it despite his puzzle attack.   I know that is what I do in life... try to line my ducks up in a row so I don't loose any and I work so hard to keep up with them and know where they all are. I structure my life within boundaries.  Terry is out there feeding his little ducks and truly isn't worry if they line up or not and definitely is not worried about any boundaries. 

I am beginning to see a sense of freedom in it.  I am not sure it would work in our marriage if we both had that attitude, the bills would not be paid!

What do you think God wants us to do?  I believe He truly wants us to care for this moment and feed whatever duck He has put at our feet.  He does not want us running around trying to line them up and fretting over where they are hiding while frantically trying to build a fence to keep them in.  First thing I have to do is shoo those ducks away from me and sit and breathe.  Then I can turn my attention to the one nearby and focus on this moment.

Go ahead, feed your little duck today... and don't worry about the other ducks.. they will follow you; after all you have the white pail filled with duck feed. No need for fences either. Ducks can fly.


For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding.”- Colossians 1:9     

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