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08 August 2009

'Horse of Color' Equine Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Pace

'A Horse of Color'

18 x 27 inches
Oil on Canvas

SOLD from the blog! Thank You.

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The Painting: Thick color and buttery paint with this oil on canvas. Sometimes you just love the play of contrast and the gillion colors you can come up with.

The Thought: Nicknames or name calling is where I am heading off to today. Do you have a nickname? My first nickname growing up was graced upon me by my Aunt Marie. She called me Laurie Boo. That quickly became Boo-boo. Psychologically this might not have been the best choice of a nickname for a young child. Made me wonder if my presence was a boo-boo. As When I was at school in first grade I decided to change my name and began writing Amy at the top of my papers. I can still see my teacher shaking her head at me. I liked the name.

As I grew into a brave 8 year old, there was a man at the church that called me by my full name, Laurie Sue. He was big on rhyming our names with things, but I was not thrilled with Laurie Sorry Sue. Two out of two nicknames not of my choice and definitely not my favorite. Here I sit almost 50 years later and it is still sour in my mouth.

At 16 when I was dating five guys named Bill, (Sounds like a TV show doesn't it?) The tallest and oldest one in the group was in college. He nicknamed me Kitten. Kitten? Did I ever mention I am allergic to cats? We were now three out of three. I did convince him I needed two names and the second one he chose was princess. That reminded me of a dog but I felt like I was coming up in the nick-name world.

Years later, my first grandson would call me MUM. I had hopes of Marmie. Mum was definitely NOT my choice as a grandmother name, but I wore it bravely just like the Queen. As my newest grandchild arrived I petitioned her parents to use the name OMA. Oma is German for Grandmother. Did I mention I love the name OMA? My loving husband has showered me with nicknames over the years. I have known him since I was eleven and we dated through high school. No his name was not Bill. He is Terry Pie to me and his grandmother. My list of nicknames: Sweetie Pie, Mrs. Honey Bunny, and Jelly Bean. I love my nicknames now. My heart curls up around the sounds and I feel loved.

Where does this go? How many names can you think of for God? He is the Father, The Creator, He is God, He is the Trinity... what other names can you honor Him with? I have heard some folks call Him "Dad".


For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; it is he who will save us.” Isaiah 33:22

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Arti said...

yes, the contrast is so looks brilliant.

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