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09 July 2011

The Dancer painting now available at UGALLERY by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

"The Dancer"
Available at UGallery

20 x 30 inches Acrylic Glazing

Copyright Laurie Pace 2011

Travel Equates to Storytime

Yep, we are on the road again.  Carol is house sitting in this horrible heat.  The dogs literally cannot take the heat right now at 105 degrees. Hey let's face it, neither can we.

Storytime 1: We traveled into Dallas yesterday to visit Dr Steve Worrell, our physician for many years now.  I first met him back in the fourth grade at Lake Highlands Elementary School.  We literally use to chase each other around the playground. He gave me my first kiss in fifth grade...but I ended up in love with Terry by seventh grade.  He is still one of our dearest friends as well as our physician.  It was one of this annual trip for prescriptions you have after the age of fifty, but we covered a lot of ground in about 45 minutes. 

Dr. Steve, who is our age, has four kids under the age of three.  He also has adult kids and grandchildren.  His wife gave birth just a few months after Lady L was born to a precious little girl.  They decided they did not want her growing up alone as an only child (her nearest sibling was 16) that they did it all again and had triplets...two boys and a girl.  They little ones are about 14 months old now.  We laughed through home movies on his Iphone and the catching up was precious. God has richly blessed this family.  I in turn, shared my "today" picture of Lady L waiting for us to arrive at five a.m. this morning.    The visit left much up in the air about our travel to Denver. I will know more next week.  Looks like surgery ahead for TP.

Storytime 2: We headed to Asel Art where Evan, the new assistant manager helped me gather supplies that I needed. I am starting a new 3 by 4 foot commission painting of my painted ponies.  When I am back on Monday or Tuesday I will begin this painting and take pictures along the way.  I LOVE painting these pieces for homes. I have images of rugs, furniture, walls and nearby artwork.  It makes my heart literally sing.  Wish I was home now to begin it this weekend....

We decided to eat next door to Asels at Abucca's Restaurant in Richardson. This has been a favorite haunt for years.  The food is even better than it was the last time. I had a wonderful time sitting there drinking in the surroundings and people watching. There was a young mom and her little one there visiting Dad who was working. Another table was two men deep in conversation about building a home and the room sizes. Another table was a couple that walked in wanting a quiet intimate table.  They chose a corner seat just two tables away from us.  He pulled his chair to the end of the table to be close to her... I heard wisps of conversation and realize she had just arrived from New York and they were getting married soon.  The stories just piled in as we sat there in total amazement as we had forgotten sitting in restaurants in Dallas is so different than our little 'places' in Mount Vernon.  At home we know most folks or we know their neighbors.  I felt like I was in a dream as all the conversations swirled around us.   

Storytime 3: This entire scene brought me totally back around to Edward Gordon. Edward is like a story-teller of old.  He takes the simplicity of everyday life and weaves it into a tale giving you bits and pieces of details allowing you to fill in the rest. Edward is a painter... he paints with heart, soul and compassion. His brushstrokes cover the hard surface with soft subtle molds and impressions of values. From gentle greys and blues, his palette reaches with occasional complimentary colors bringing your eyes through the composition.  His chosen palette colors blend and sing across the surface leaving images behind. Your imagination is open and the scenrios are limitless.   I have collected Edward's work in my home.  He is one of the finest artists in the twenty-first century and our future generations will study his work. 

As I sat in that restaurant, my mind traveled through the 'lives' of the people sitting around us.  Here we were sharing 30 minutes in the long history of our existence, most likely to not meet eye to eye again in this lifetime.  Yet, through a few fast snapshots, I recorded a few images on my iphone.  Things only Edward would paint; maybe one day I will step out of my box and try again to 'weave' a story across my canvas.

Reunion   3 x 4 ft  Laurie Pace
Two best friends doing their own talking needed, just joined together by the moment and the beauty around them. For me it was the perfection of best friends.  Together and yet individually apart.
This painting was purchased from me back in 2005 by a gallery owner to hang in her own home.

Copyright Laurie Pace 2005

Look around you today in the world you share with others.  All of our lives are so busy we rarely take time to notice our own neighbors nevertheless the strangers we meet in our travels.   


“I will bow down toward your holy temple and will praise your name for your unfailing love and your faithfulness, for you have so exalted your solemn decree that it surpasses your fame.” Psalm 138:2 NIV

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