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14 May 2011

Selah Ranch Workshop 2011 underway! Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Wet Acrylic Washes and India Ink

Day one first exercise....


Saturday  7 am Second Meditation

Sometimes in life we hit walls in our days.  Life begins to fray at the ends and things look to be falling apart. What if it is really falling together for the first time?  Trust in God and the process of life…or the journey of life.  The outcome of what you do daily is not as important as the moments you live this day and the joy and gifts you share with others.

What are you hanging on to in life? What are you allowing to keep you tied down?  If you will let go of all of it… let if all into pieces, God allows you to choose the pieces you want to pick up and carry on with you.

The same is true in your artwork. You begin working on something and you just do not like it.  You are ready to throw it away.  Don’t throw it away…work on it some more. Put in more time and begin to analyze it and find the strengths in the artwork.  Keep the parts you like and paint over the others.

Write in your journal today the pieces or parts of your life that are precious and worth keeping.   Can you list some of the things you are still trying to hang on to that are holding you back?  Focus on the pieces you want to keep and write about them this morning. Sketch something symbolic in the room of this moment of acceptance of the good in you.

I have been taking pictures but there is ZERO time for me to blog and unload the camera. Back out the door in ten minutes for the drive to Selah.  Wish you were here.  The artists are all incredible.

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