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02 February 2011

Progress on Red Ribbon Lacing Mixed Media from Texas Artist Laurie Pace, Eat Right America

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'Progress on Red Ribbon Lacing'
20 x 30  Mixed Media on Canvas
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I have to share it with you.    I think it was in an email from Whole Foods and I signed up and the wisdom, education and knowledge they have provided has been wonderful.  I have to deal with lactose issues, Soy and Peanut allergy issues and Kidney Stone issues.  They worked out a diet plan that has alternatives for everything. They email back with in hours to answer questions and the videos on the sight are right on target for things we need to know.

For instance... Olive Oil. Of course you can use Olive Oil. It is the best choice to cook with.  Terry and I never ever thought about calories and Olive Oil.  I guess we figured because everyone said it was all right that it was all right. NO NO NO little Tink would say.

Olive Oil has a huge calorie count. A quarter cup is 500 calories. A tablespoon is 120 calories. OH MY.  So Olive Oil will be very limited in our kitchen now.  We use a raspberry Balsamic Glaze on our salads that is 30 calories for 2 tablespoons. Gotta love it.

Then lets talk meat.  MEAT.  Red meat, Pork, chicken... MEAT.  Did you know broccoli has twice as much protein per calorie than a hamburger? Our larger stronger animals all get their protein from green plants... cows, horses, giraffes, elephants, etc.  We have been brought up on meat meat meat.  So can you wrap your mind around more green and more raw?  The recipes they send me for my week of cooking are all scrumptious.  You really need to see it to believe it.

From one of my latest emails from ERA " For years, the USDA Food Pyramid has suggested we consume animal products - beef, chicken, eggs and fish - in order to get the protein our body needs.  This myth has contributed to our epidemic of heart disease and cancers.  Diets lower in animal products and higher in high protein plant foods have been shown to protect against common cancers, reduce heart disease and of course, lead you to a lower body weight.

Keep in mind that green vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts are also high protein foods.  In fact, broccoli has twice as much protein per calorie as a hamburger. Think about it… the biggest animals, elephants, giraffes, horses, gorillas and even cows eat only plant foods.  When you eat plant protein, your body gets flooded with anti-oxidants and other protective micronutrients, without the cholesterol and saturated fat in animal products. Then you can’t develop heart disease. "
My blessing to you today my friend is an offer of a simple life, simple food and feeling full of energy.

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Angela Ungren said...

Thanks for Your Insite on Meat Consumption! I have been Vegetarian for almost 3 years now and Have lost Weight and maintain my perfect weight without even trying and I HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY! For Useful Info On going Veg. Check Out colleen patrick goudreau's Podcast on Itunes! Great Info and "FOOD" for thought!
God Bless You Laurie

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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