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14 June 2010

Red Horse On Green Equine Art Horse Painting Daily by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Red Horse on Green'
12 x 12  Oil on Canvas

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The Painting: Should have called this one Pretty one... the colors came together in such perfect contrast.  I am painting small ones to keep listing for buyers to pick up little ones.. while I am painting for two shows coming up, so I will be busy.  There is much to do with a wedding so close as well.

The Thought:   The minister at church yesterday preached about the trees.  We definitely live in the trees where we are.  He described being on his farm in Commerce Texas, just west of Mt Vernon and a bit north, and he was watching a stunning sunset.  He text one of his friends here in Mt Vernon and said, can you see what I see, God in His Glory?   The answer was, 'Hard to see the sunset when you are surrounded by trees.'

He knew then he had to preach on that one and he did.  He chose passages from Luke to tie into the message and it was truly a lasting one that will stay with us.   

We live in the trees.   I try not to miss those sunsets over the lake.   Last night we sail from 5:30 til about 7 ish.  It was nice on the lake with out all the kids on those noisy jet skis. It was one of the nicest sails yet but short with the sun setting. I do not like crossing through the trees to the house after dark due to the snakes.  We tie up at the house next door next to their dock.  I am proficient at paddling in as Terry takes down the mailsail... and we glide right in.  He had me do the tie ups so I can learn more about knot throwing.  Don't ask.  Then he had me throw a tiny rope around through the dock to tie up the back end of the boat.  As I was awaiting instructions, he had picked up the sails and began shoving them up to me on the dock...actually pushing me backwards under the weight.  Instead they unstacked and fell forward back on him with me falling straight down toward the rudders and the lake... a good six to eight foot drop.  

It was one of those "OH NO" moments as I felt myself falling in slow motion toward those rudders knowing I was going to smack the back of the boat pretty hard.  I turned in mid-drop and flung myself toward the middle trampoline twisting my entire body to a sharp right.  The ankle went under me, and I am not sure what I hit with my back as I tried to roll and not shoot off the other side.   I am EVER so thankful I did not smack the back of the boat or hit the water and the rudders.  He thinks I would have broken my neck or back.

This is something I have warned him about... we are late fifties and despite staying active our reaction time is not what it use to be.  With out him saying, "grab the sails", I had no idea why they were being shoved toward me as I held the tie up for the boat.  I am a bit sore this morning, but ready to go out again.

But you know, I did see the sunset!  God is Good, all the time God is Good.


"But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked." Luke 6:35


Grammie Jan said...

Oh Laurie! God took care of you. For me,a non-swimmer, your accounts of sailing scare the begeebies out of me and at the same time admire you for your adventures.
Love you......stay safe and unharmed, PLEASE,

V Bridges Hoyt said...

Laurie, I'm glad you're okay this morning. What a nasty fall, and your injuries could have been much worse. Never mind the snakes. With all that ruckus of you falling, the snakes probably all slithered away to hide from you.

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