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28 May 2010

Free Spirit Horse Equine Art Horse Painting Mixed Medium by Texas Aritst Laurie Pace

'Free Spirit Horse'
4 x 6  Mixed Medium on 140 lb Watercolor Paper

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The Painting: Just for fun!!!

The Thought: I guess summer is here.  We were sitting outside again last night and there was a small thundershower building over the lake. It missed us.  Paddy was barking and there were deer running every which direction.  He wanted badly to go on a 'deer run' to try and catch those elusive long legs streaking across our yard.

It didn't help that there were fire flies...yes they have arrived...the fire flies.  I have not seen them since I was much younger.  In Paddy's mind, he doesn't get it.  The deers are running and the fire flies are lighting and lighting and lighting in different spots.  He is busy chasing them and trying to snap at them with his mouth and as you know he cannot catch one.  I guess he could...but they are really messing with his brain now.

Don't we get the same way in life?  We see something we want and we barrel ahead to get it totally ignoring everything else around us that is so delicately balanced.  (The bull in the china shop syndrome)  We run like the wind chasing this illusive dream knowing if we could just push a little harder we would get there.  The fire flies are the distractions along the way.  Like God putting up warning flashes of light to get our attention.  Focus here, focus now, focus in the moment.... 

But if you are like me you barrel ahead despite the fire flies.  Last night as I prayed and sat in meditation, I had this overwhelming feeling that I was over saturated with DOING DOING DOING.
I feel God was speaking to my heart not to be so worried about all the doing and the issues weighing so heavily.  I know it is not what He wants for my life and it is not good for me...but I again barrel ahead taking on things I cannot even begin to manage.  I will never catch the illusive IF ONLY I CAN...  because I cannot.   My focus should be entirely Him.


"But if we walk in the light, as he is the light, we have fellowship with one another." 1 John 1:7

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