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15 April 2010

'Early Sunflowers' Floral Art Sunflower Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Early Sunflowers'

9 x 12  Oil on Canvas

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The Painting:  I liked this one as I painted it. It has set me off to explore another approach to the canvas.  I also tried it with a few horse pieces as well.  Watch for them as I finish them up this week. 

The Thought:  Jill, a friend for the past few years from blogging made a comment about doctors, prescriptions and life in general in her email to me.  She mentioned she tells her doc to keep it quick and there is only so much money available for the visit.  I had just found out that a basic visit for my doc was $94, and then it escalates with everything you mention in the visit all the way up to $249. Of course with every "mention" there are tests that must be run and with every test, return visits with another basic $94 charge plus anything extra you visit about.   

Jill laughingly wrote that her doctor wrote her a prescription to go get her hair and nails done so she would have the "new lease on life" feeling.  Perhaps our doctors need to do more of this.  

It is divine love that heals and restores us when we are bruised and battered and ill.  When we are down we want to be up and alive and enthusiastic about life.  Worries and negative thoughts cause much of our demise.  We have to learn to relax in God's loving arms with all of our emotional and physical pain.  

Take the time to focus on each of your body parts and breath deeply allowing God's gentle peace and healing powers to surround that body part.  As you do this the pain and negativity will depart and slowly you will become aware of a peace filling your being. 

Living here in the country with fewer people and much less congestion, one begins to lose the sense of urgency and the peace of God and nature fill you totally.  Yesterday morning there were two twin yearling fawns in our front yard. We were glued at Leah's window watching them eat of the lower branches on the trees.   We have not missed television,  all we have to do is go up to a window and look out.  In the afternoon as I walked from the workshop to the back door,  I heard this bird calling and looked out across the lake to see a large gull swooping down to grab at a fish in the pond. The wide wings were flapping with such intensive grace that I stood totally still taking in the entire scene... and as I turned from the spot, the six year old in me started flapping my arms in imitation calling out to TP to come see what was happening. 

I pray for you this day to find the peace surrounding you.


"He grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, being fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised." Romans 4:20-21

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