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03 December 2009

'Dancing in the Snow' Contemporary Equine Art Horse Oil Daily Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Justus Pace

'Dancing in the Snow'

12 x 12  Oil on Gessoboard
Easy to slip into a frame, no glass needed.

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The Painting:  I have just finished this painting and will be using the image on my Christmas Cards.  Yes I am late, but I have high hopes...maybe New Years Cards?  I was inspired by the falling snow outside yesterday...yes, Dallas had snow but nothing stuck...just flurries and it was beautiful.  I was not used to driving in the snow and having it fall into the front of the windshield...that was weird while driving.

The Thought:   Much has been rolling around in my mind the past 24 hours and inspired by a quote sent by a friend. I may share more on that tomorrow, but right now I am in a study reflect mode as I stay in constant conversation with God realizing again how much I have tried to control things that I should not be controlling.  As long as I am at the reins on this horse, it will go the direction I prefer and not the direction God intends... altho I do believe He tends to draw that horse a bit on to a different path, trying to save me from myself and going over a cliff.

It is truly not difficult to over think a situation and convince ourselves that we must control something.  I am the world's best at that practice. It is easy. I am sure you do it daily as well.  As you make decisions today, ask God first and stop and reflect and listen.  That is what I will be doing today, listening.

My dear friend, you are one with God every moment of the day.  You belong to Him. You are never alone, even in your darkest most desperate moment.  The Spirit is within you at all times, guiding and protecting you. The Spirit gives you strength.

His Peace you. His strength supports you.


"He came to her and said, "Greetings, favored one! The Lord is with you."--Luke 1:28

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