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25 September 2009

'Marco Polo Lily 1' Flower Art, Marco Polo Lily Painting, Pink flower Painting by Laurie Pace

'Marco Polo Lily 1'

30 x 30  Oil on Canvas

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The Painting:  This was the first one in the Series that was finished. I start Number two today.  Vibrant pinks and raspberries contrast the yellow greens and the main focus is the composition not the content.

The Thought: Catching it possible?  My new list became newest list has not been made, so for a short day I might consider myself catching up.

I now teach five music students on Wednesday. It is a  break to my painting and my studio work, but I enjoy working with the students on both piano and guitar.  I have one young lady that tears up her guitar with flying fingers and energy abounding.  She has taken for about a year and is as passionate about her music as any adult I have ever met.  THAT kind of student makes it worth the time to teach.  I look forward to seeing her every week.

God seems to plant those special people in our lives here and there.  They are the ones you are eager to greet when you cross their path knowing you will feel lighter and happier after you are with them. Is it an attitude that is  'learned'?  Or is it something 'born' in that individual?  Sort of reminds me of the debate on beauty.  I do believe a lot of 'who' we are is genetic.  I also believe in the possibility of change and growth under the watchful plan of God.

Do you think folks were drawn in that way when they heard Jesus was in town or traveling through? Was there a 'pull' from those live sparkling brown eyes and an undeniable confidence from his movements and words?

God is more than a visual thing of all we have around us.  God is a spiritual presence that we often forget.  Ignore. Don't have time for. In a hurry.  Maybe tomorrow. I will put in on my list.  Not yet, I have one more thing to do.

Stop, make the time right now.  Be blessed to be a blessing today.  Bring Him with you all day.


So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” Hebrews 10:35-36  

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