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27 September 2008

Abstract Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

18 x 27 inches on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Contact me for more information: Laurie

The next two pictures Morgan painted yesterday. He is unable to work and is painting to try and raise his rent money due in a week. He should be able to return to work on Tuesday but he lost an entire week of wages with his motorcycle wreck!

This is part of his OIL POP MUSIC me if you want to make an offer, even if it is a small offer on either of these pieces. The are both 22 x 28 so they are rather large paintings. CONTACT: Laurie but mention the painting's title.



The house is so quiet this morning... I will be dipping into my paints as soon as this blog is finished. Quiet anticipation and meditation as I prepare for the day.

Stacey might come over to do maternity shopping. She can't button her pants anymore. She is I think 16-17 weeks now which is WONDERFUL!! Panic Attacks come easier as she watches her body change. I keep her focused on the miracle happening with in! God is good. Mid October we might know if Tink is a Boy or Girl. THey are in the process of name choosing and both parents are not on the same track.

Morgan drove home yesterday and took baby dog Sasha with him. She is a mess, but a beautiful puppy. She dug up every inch of dirt in the garden room. Took me an hour to clean it and wash the floors yesterday. He hopes to be back at work on Tuesday. He has a standard shift truck and the injured foot is the clutch pedal. He has to be able to get a shoe on his foot.

SEE his foot in the bottom left of the picture? That is the post op surgery shoe he is in. His foot and ankle are bandaged and dressed with special meds in the dressing. Same with both arms. The other bad spot is the palm of his right hand. He lost a lot of skin and tissue there. Prayers are needed for a 40 day healing period.

Today I encourage you to keep joy inside of you. DEEP inside of you. True joy does not depend on outer circumstances, it comes from deep in your heart and soul. It is this pure joy that can keep you on an even keel where you are not disturbed by outward distractions. With this joy you will see life and the happenings around you in a different light. The troubles and difficulties that occur are fleeting while the joy with in is there forever. God Gifted you with find your joy today!


"Do not be grieved, for the Joy of the LORD is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10

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