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13 August 2008

Figurative Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

8 x 10 inches Oil on Linen Panel
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Lazy dazy moment in the park. Beautiful golden Retriever and his master, a boy of about 10...collapsed in the shade of a tree. The boy appeared to be watching the clouds scooting across the sky. We haven't had many clouds lately!

Preparations are underway for the trip late today. I will work this morning. Yesterday I picked up some framed pieces I commissioned from a fellow Daily Painter. Micah Condon has such a unique style that absolutely flows in my home! I had him do two pieces, one with a guitar and one with a piano. I had them matted and framed and wasn't sure where they were going, I thought behind the piano but once they were home it was a no brainer:

Micah's work are the two pastels on each side of my abstract, the only painting I have in my house!


Piano Fingers

I have had worked framed at The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas since I was a teenager. They asked me why I didn't hang my own work in my home. I truly do not have but one piece, the modern piece which is NOT my style, hanging in our house. The rest of our home contains a large grouping of aviation prints, and paintings from:

- several Daily Painters ( including Micah now!) and Canadian Artist Sarah Kinan. I surround my space with things that speak to my heart and make me feel happy to be around them. To paint in the studio all day, six days a week, I truly have no need to have my work hanging in the house. It is all over the studio. Usually people walk in and gush, "Oh did you paint this?" I laugh and say no.... "did you paint this" NO.... it takes a while but we make it back to the studio. The best enjoyment is the Whitehead painting in my one bathroom. I will try and remember to snap a shot of it. It is five women sitting at a swimming pool edge. It definitely brings chuckles from the bathroom when it is in use.

As I look around my home and then my life I know God surrounds me with the beauty of the earth, friends and family. He decorates my life with the best of the best and I give thanks for all his creativity. Some brings smiles; some brings tears. God is good, all the time, God is good.


"Live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you."-- 2 Corinthians 13:11

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