A Mid-summer's Eve - Summer Solstice by Laurie Pace

A Mid-Summer's Eve - Summer Solstice
 by Laurie Pace  

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I do not know where many of you live, but I do know I have readers from Africa and Australia as well as across Europe and the United States.  Here in Texas, the summer has arrived in full force and rather early. Our hottest days are always in August.  We began with those hottest days as June arrived. This in turn has put the energy industry in circles and we are facing possible loss of power. 


Power is a debatable word in our lives. Every day when you wake up, do you have power?  I would believe you believe you have power over your actions every day. After all God gives us choice and free will.  But do we hold any power to change what is happening around us and to us?  Does being fearful get us anywhere? Does worry get us anywhere? 


When you are in your twenties you view things differently than those in the forties, sixties or eighties. Age adjusts your thought pattern to deal with your current life at the time and how things affect you.  After we have all (the entire world) been through two and a half years of something brought upon us by forces we could not control, we found we were powerless.  It woke some of us up to what is ahead. Some followed the fear giving up their power.

Right now in the United States, there are forces pushing situations to remove from us the ability to freely move around the country, to shop or to even buy needed groceries or baby formula.  They know from past history if a nation of people becomes dependent on the government for food and power, the government has a full take over and in comes Socialism. Look south to Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Venezuela and how fast Venezuela fell with government take over. Listen to the immigrants from Cuba living in Florida ... they do not want open borders in our states to the north or the south.


Here in Texas, the masses of people flooding through the southern border are coming your way if you live in the United States. Immigrants living here legally DO NOT WANT open borders. If our current government cannot get it together to stop this slaughter of our rights provided through the constitution, and Americans do not stand up for what rights we have, we will be the next Venezuela, or Cuba. 

I also heard from ranching friends here in Texas the government is paying them $2000 a head to slaughter their cattle and not allow them to go to market. Weren't they saying things about cow flagellation?  This too is part of their Green Plan. They say no more cows... but they are using that to reduce our meat supply. Same with the chickens for meat and eggs. 


We spent $142 on fuel for our 2013 Dodge Ram.  I had saved up money to replace my car I sold last year and I bought a Hyundai that gets really good gas mileage.  This tank of gas will run only $72.... and I will get close to 500 miles per tank compared to the truck only getting 380 for $142.  (Don't talk to me about electric cars. Even the government shows it costs much more to have an electric car over a gas car... I am not ready to do it, and I am a keeper of our earth. We do not use chemicals outside or inside our home.) 


Tell me now, where is the power?  Mine is His. My power lies in my faith and my abiding in the Lord God. Whatever this journey is to be, He will walk it before us, He will be beside us and He will carry us if necessary. Live today. Do not worry, just be aware and prepare. 


Keep your eyes open and listen to God and not to man. Man is usually saying the total opposite to the truth. Do not allow fear to replace your life right now. Just store up some foods that you have things in case the truckers cannot bring everything in to your local store.  Get some rice and beans... grow some veggies along the way. If things continue, we really do not have any power to stop what they are doing. If we make it to the month of November with out another Pandemic, we need to get out and vote. Meanwhile LIVE. Today your power comes from the Lord. Your Tomorrows are His. 

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So may all your enemies perish, LORD! But may all who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength.” Then the land had peace forty years." Judges 5:31

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