Grandmother's Grace . The Edgy Side of Life . Flower Paintings by Laurie Pace

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Grandmother's Planter  Size: 24 x 30  Oil on Canvas. Sold


My Grandmother came across from Germany around 1916. Her life story is pretty amazing. I still remember her face, her short dark brown and gray hair, and her blue and one green.

As a child I literally followed her around the kitchen and stood over her when she sewed. My Grandmother could cook anything.  The first thing she taught me was how to make homemade pancakes. "Wait and count 1000 bubbles before you flip them." I was always flipping them too quickly.  Her sewing was amazing. We could walk into any store and find a dress I loved.  We would go home and she would begin. She would cut out a pattern in newspaper and make me the dress. It was amazing!  At night, she use to read to me;  I still have "The Secret Garden" book, which was our favorite.  I will read it one day to both Lady L and Lady M.
 I could write chapters about my memories of my grandmother.  But as the years have passed so many of the vivid memories have soften on the edges.  I can no longer remember her perfume or her powder. I cannot remember her touch. I do remember her voice with her accent on the edge.

My fondest and strongest memory is her sitting in the living room on the couch knitting...and listening me to practice and play the piano. When I would play hymns from the church hymnal, she would sing along. No matter of my age, it was a treasure to feel my music brought so much joy to her. Today when I sit at my piano to play... I feel her next to me.  The grace of my Grandmother.

This painting was of a concrete plant holder that belonged to Terry's grandmother. We hauled it around with us for years and unbelievable it was lost in one move and we have missed it ever since.  We were given her china when we got married, beautiful pink flowers on an ecru background.  We use her china on both special occasions as well as just for the love of the moment. Her grace and love are apart of our lives just as my grandmother's does. 

Keep your fondest memories tucked in your heart. 


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Laurie Pace
A Texas Artist 


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beckielboo said…
Hi Laurie, your memories of your Grandmother are filled with so much love. There is no one more important to me and my sister than our Grandmothers so when I see someone else feels the same way, I can't help but want to thank you for reminding me to remember - again! I love your painting. It is just perfect as a tribute to your Grandmother.