'Of the Earth' Modern Equine Art, Contemporary Horse Oil Daily Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Of the Earth'

30 x 30  Oil on Canvas

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© Laurie Justus Pace     Graphics One Design 2009

The Painting:  Inspired by Spirit of Fire and the palette of earthy oranges and rusts balance by deep blues and golds... this dynamic painting evolved.  A blue eyed white horse... of the earth.

The Thought:  Terry is working on his truck.   I have to pray for divine order.   He is after all, an airline mechanic with a practicing license.  He is truly good with cars and loves taking them apart.  He has rules about everything being laid out and marked.  He was good when we moved about marking and remarking boxes and wires with tags of what they go to.   He has his own 'divine order' going on.

I had suggested we take Mr Truck to the fix it mechanic on Monday. We cannot be with out two cars during the week with the daughter in school.  I have to take her every morning around 8:30 and then Dad picks her up at 4:15.  I was only trying to spare him the backbreaking work that it involves working on the truck. He has had a bad back for the past three weeks.  Pretty stubborn he has continued his quest.  He is not sure what all is wrong with it and has approached it putting one fire out at a time to eliminate what it could be.  

I am  a woman... a bit more impatient and of course feel time spent is better going with a fix it shop doing it all at one time.   Taking it apart on Mon/Tues to do the thermastat and whatever else he did... then putting it back together again until next week, when he will take it apart again to do the timing chain/belt... and then back together again until the next week to do the heater core... hummm... too much extra work for this woman.  Still makes more sense to do it all while it is apart in pieces.

God provides us with divine order and we ALWAYS seem to ignore Him.  Well probably 98 percent of the time.  We need to relax and pray more about our actions and decisions.  If you take the attitude of just waiting... waiting on life... you miss out on the joy ahead. Sometimes we have to make those decisions and take those chances to find our desires of the heart.

Today affirm God's divine order through out the day.  The right outcome will appear in perfect time.

I think I will go lease a car this afternoon.


"The wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits." James 3:17


Unknown said…
Hello. I am an art consultant based in Missouri. I really like your work. Can you please tell me the price range of your work?

Thank you.
Wendy Cooper
Wendy, You need to email me at ellepace@mac.com. I have no way of reaching you.