A Walk in the Garden
Figurative Woman in Garden Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

15 x 30 inches
Contact me to inquire and mention title of painting: Laurie

SOMETHING special arrived at my house yesterday, oh besides Mark, the gallery owner from Nevada. As he came through the door with hubby, there was a package on the doorstep. I glanced at Terry and asked him what he had bought, knowing my purchase was in the dining room and he had not seen it yet. We opened the package and it was an ABSOLUTELY STUNNING piece of metal works from Nevada, but we do not know who sent it to us. As he pulled it out and looked at it he thought it was an abstract Scorpion... But as I held it up I saw the face of our Lord. I must take a picture of it hanging and see if I can include it in the blog today or tomorrow. It is out in the living room and Mark is still sleeping, so I am being quiet.
THANK YOU to whoever sent this gorgeous piece.

OH MY, there is not enough room in this blog or time in my day to even tell you about yesterday. My mother is definitely mended. She spent the day hard core shopping furniture and then we had it loaded in the truck so I could drive it back to our houses. She phoned my big brother and asked if he could help me unload "his sister's" table. He said NO. I didn't hear the whys, she just said he could not. I looked at her strangely saying, "Mother, your stuff weighs WAY more than my stuff, and there is no way I can unload yours by myself....why didn't you ask if he would help with your stuff?" She shrugged at me.

I was all showered and hair ready for the show when we left to shop at eleven. I had no idea I would be unloading furniture...but I did. I pulled off my good clothes and put on the painting clothes and unloaded my chairs from the truck. Then I found my table top was cracked. Mom phoned Bill again and he met us at her house to help unload her stuff which was darn heavy. She and I climbed back in the truck to drive across town to exchange my table top. After making several other errand stops for the show, I dropped her off at her house and barely beat Terry home. He had picked up Mark from Love Field on his way home. I had been moving furniture and driving that truck for six hours.

A quick dinner of Terry's wonderful burgers and some fresh fruit, and we were off for the Dutch Art Gallery. There was a good group that came to look at paintings and meet the two artists. We enjoyed visiting with everyone, but not sure if any sales will come of it. Today I will be painting here in the studio and visiting with Mark and knocking around marketing ideas.

I will retreat back to the wonderful gift that arrived. Someone was thinking of Terry and I when they chose this piece. The love and kindness is evident. Not sure if I will find out who sent it, but it is special as it reminds me that GOD is always working in our lives, sometimes in front of us and sometimes behind us. We have to rest with the knowledge that we are deserving of His love and His gifts. We take in God's love and we must give it back out to others. Someone did that for us with the beautiful metal piece. They shared their thoughts, time and love to honor us with the gift. Thank you whoever you are, and Thank GOD for you as well.


“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” Ephesians 4:29