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29 June 2011

Flower Painting, Blue Hydrangea and Pink Geraniums in Pots by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Blue Hydrangea and Pink Geraniums
Bobbie Jean Pots
Talk about OUT of the BOX... this is it for me. I have pots from my decease mother-in-law that are wonderful. THE REALLY old clay pots. Terry filled them with different flowers for the summer and I sat outside and sketch this out on ...hold on... 6 x 6 inch linen canvas paper.  Then I work in acrylics for a change in pace.  If I can get out of my box, you can too! Enjoy this tiny beauty... ready to slip into a frame and enjoy.
6 x 6 inch Acrylic on Linen paper.. frame it with out glass
contact me if you are interested.

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While I was working on my plants and pots... Terry began painting. He is very good in art with drawing and rendering. He has not painted in years. Tomorrow you will see his sailboat painting.


I wrote a friend in North Carolina yesterday about my life.  Right now I am so exhausted I am struggling with health... mental and physical. The trip to Santa Fe took all of my spunk out of me... it was a hard turn around. What I do know is life is continuing to move forward. My choice is to know with confidence that God is in charge and He has me close in His embrace.  If I did not believe this I could not make it through this day or the next one.

One's fears and anxieties and issues keep you from living life forward. It is like trying to drive your car with the emergency brake on.  To move forward you have to not empower those things in your life. Refocus on Christ and keep Him centered in your life. While you are powerless, He is not and He promises to care for you in all ways.

Refuse to give into the problem. Celebrate an understanding with God and move forward to prosperity. Make room in your life for His highest good for your life.

In the club 47 challenge I am averaging 45 min a day in exercising.  Totaling for the past 6 days I have 165 minutes invested.  Hopefully today will add another 45 minutes putting me at 200 minutes for the week.


"Build up, Build up, Prepare the way, Remove every obstruction from my people's way."  Isaiah 37:14


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