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21 January 2009

Different as Night and Day No.26
Contemporary Art Horse Equine Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

6 x 6 inches Oil on Linen Canvas
$100 SOLD
Contact me for commission work: Laurie

"He has done everything well!" Mark 7:34

Why do Wednesday's always seem so crunched? It used to be just a work day, but then I added music students and that means lesson prep on Wednesday. Toss in regular unpredictable stuff and I get into a tizzy on Wednesdays as I feel that I fall behind before I even start my work week.
Today is finishing up mailing out packages, wrapping and boxing several by myself. UGH. Painting a commission that HAS to be done pressure, going with mom to her hair appt as she is still in a sling thing for three more weeks, no driving yet, making sure there is dinner for TP and I and of course that daily thing of wash and cleaning up just a bit. Add the hour of music prep and an hour and a half of lessons, oh and don't forget walking and some exercise for my won will be late tonight before I hit the bed.

Are you tired just trying to figure it all out? I am.

Today is the day I need to believe in perfect peace. If I keep the Lord in the front of my thoughts today...perfect peace; nothing can creep in with negativity despite the huge mountain I have to climb. STAY FOCUSED on HIM. That control issue is such a human factor that is a constant. We wrestle for control from others in our life and most definitely from Him. If you choose to go your conflicting ways today, you will suffer the stress and chaos that results. If you focus on God's peace today and choose His way over your way, you will find that perfect peace.

Joy, Abundance and Perfect Peace


"You keep Him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because He trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever." Isaiah 26:3-4

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