Iris in the Light of Heaven, The Power of Light in our Lives by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

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Spring Iris in Sunlight
(Iris in the Light of Heaven)
12 x 12  Oils on Canvas
 by Laurie Pace  

"The lush lemon yellow and the tender green shoots of green remind us that spring is ahead.  I continued to work on this painting taking it apart and loosening the structure of the Iris. Reminds me of light bouncing off the petals as they protect the inner delicacy in the center of the bloom.   This painting is available at the time of this post release. You can click through on the painting itself."

The rising sun comes daily to us and in the winter, the contrast with blues and whites always reflects the gentle side of soft snow and brilliant sun between the darkness of the trees.  Behold there is light with God's covenant. 

I believe this January shows us much like the photo of the sun rising in the forest.  The light is pushing back the darkness and reflecting in the fresh snow, enlightening every thing it falls upon with the kiss of morning. 

Is This Like Your Life?

I ask that question because today's life seems 180 degrees different than it was in January 2019 and 2020. That was a short time ago.  It was close to this time in the year that our world seem to crumble into a retreat from life.  It affected all of my family members. My Mom is 93 and strong of heart and mind but with the threat of flu still present, she is staying close to home. She is still limiting visitors.  

My oldest brother continued his journey from earth to Heaven almost a year ago.  He is missed by all of us. He was a wonderful husband and grandfather. His dry humor is still reflected in his son, who is a well known writer. His granddaughter reminds us all of him in more ways than we can count. I know there was a huge celebration when he arrived up above with our grandparents there, and of course our dad. What we must do is keep the legacy alive of those that depart from us. Keeping them in heart and in our memories.

My younger brother had to retool his business to continue working over those years and as of four or five months ago, he is now flying where he needs to be. It is called following the light, as you proceed it is stronger.

While I watched the economy tank around me, I was blessed with strong commissions over these years. We are semi retired, but blessed in more ways than I could share in words.  The Lord provides when we need it.

The past three years I have watched some friends lose their husbands or wives. (48-68 age group) That was life changing on top of life changing and struggling to find a new normal alone in the midst of the world finding it's new normal.

Look for the light in your days and nights.  It is there. Our Lord provides exactly what we need when we turn to Him. If your eyes and ears are not open and your hands and heart are not open... you are missing out. 

One of these friends shared her 'word' for the year... 
"My word for this year is restoration. I feel my life has been cleared and cut to the very earth below it's foundation. Which isn't a bad place to be. A time to prepare and heal this soil for new growth. To start over and let God breathe new life and joy into my soul. I'm praying that step by step He will be ever present in this journey to rebuild and plant the seeds of my future. All my hope is in Jesus for 2023. 🕊 🦋 🌱
Do you have a word? I'd love to pray about it with you." ❤️  Jess Barton

Follow the Spirit of the Paint... with Laurie Pace

nd I, behold, I establish my covenant with you, and with your seed after you." Genesis 9:9

Laurie Pace - A Texas Artist 


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Laurie is an international artist, her paintings are collected in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, DuBai, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, St Thomas, Romania, Greece, Croatia, and Ecuador.  


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