The Dreaded January 1st List, Some Painted Ponies, Lots of yarn and stitching and help for making your New Years Resolutions from Texas Artist Laurie Pace

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Painted Ponies
36 x 48 Oil on Canvas - SOLD

 by Laurie Pace  

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"I love doing my painted pony pulls.  If you want one, you simply provide me with your colors in your home and that is what I pull through the painting. Let's do it... Best New Years gift to give yourself for your home or office!"

JANUARY 1, 2023
The Dreaded List

The one thing you can count on every minute of every day and night is CHANGE. When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, they challenge you to change. 

Proof in the pudding by the end of January, 93 percent of us set New Year’s goals but maybe 20% of us keep them past February, according to the American Psychological Association.  

Many of us are not good “keepers of goals.” It is not hard to walk away when there are too many of them to attempt to keep as a resolution of change on that January first list.  People do not adjust well to change. Have you noticed that in yourself?

Some talk surfaced of doing ‘small’ goals… or in today’s language, ‘micro-goals’. Taking small baby steps before you try to run.  Others speak of tangible goals that they know they can attain, and then there are those that just practice self-forgiveness. 

I have the shelf of ‘new goals’ filled with a halfway completed cross stitch baby quilt,  two balls of soft blue yarn that completed a hand knitted baby quilt they actually pulled lose as I tied it off in completion, the yarn now all wound back into balls,… a canister of decaf tea that is now six years old, add to it three downloaded courses to help my business thrive, two day planners for my computer, a business career calendar for blogging, a planner for my prayer time and list of people to pray for,  which is next to all the down loaded music I printed out for the piano and guitar.  I must not forget the extra family websites I built for OUR CRAZY LIFE and VISUAL LANGUAGE DESIGN, my website building website. 

As you can tell I have no problem with good ideas for New Years.  Everything above that was for a joyful completion left me feeling overwhelmed and disappointed in myself.

Whatever you decide to focus on this year, keep it simple, keep it something you will enjoy doing without pressure of having to do it.  If you cannot ‘add’ things to your life, maybe it is time to just remove the stress from your life and adjust things a different direction. 

Mine looks more like this:

1. Less screen time on my ipad scrolling social media
2. Spend more time with family.
3. Less TV time falling asleep on the couch.
4. The Don’t buy it list… the unhealthy processed foods we do not need in the   kitchen, the den, the office, or the bedroom.
5. Exercise daily… either walk 3 miles and or do standing Pilates stretches. 
6. Stopping eating after 4 every day unless I miss lunch and then I have till five to eat lunch. ( You sleep better if you do not eat late and go to bed while your food it just beginning to digest.)
7. Stop Worrying about EVERYTHING.  Let it go and for me, my faith is there. God has this… I need to let it go. Worry is a sin listed in the Bible. Worrying never fixed or changed anything.
8. Make a list early evening of the next day events you must take care of. 

My thoughts are only here to trigger you to think ahead. What works for me, may not work for you.  Don’t over think this. Make a simple list of things to stop and things you can add to your life. 

Aka the KISS method.

Follow the Spirit of the Paint... with Laurie Pace

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace." Ephesians 4:3

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