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48 x 32 
 by Laurie Pace  

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Why is it at the end of every day I can think of 100 things to write and share pertaining to life, love, family and painting, but at 11 am... my brain is still trying to make sure I finished what I needed to do this morning!.  This would be why I always blogged the night before and posted it to release in the early morning hours. Something to be said about 'the old days'. 

Launching into November.

Feels officially like fall is here when we reach the first of November. The trees in Texas rarely turn with color.  Our elm in the front yard is getting its tiny yellow leaves and the red oaks in the back are still green! 
I do believe the fall colors are part of the painting I have been working on over the past three weeks ever so slowly until this week!  

Change is good right?

I am attempting to see if that is what I need in several places in life, including painting. With the smell back of oils... I am not happy.  But I started this one in acrylics and it is fine for small pieces but not large ones like this. I needed to try and do this one for Mirada and the holiday sale coming up. I have to finish this by Friday... ????  

The change in painting was to try and use more acrylics. The change in approach was to sketch it out and then layer oils over it taping out sections to keep.   Too early to tell if this is a good change or not.

  • The change in life is a daily one. To not argue with anyone, to always remember GOD has this, and wait on decisions to pray and see if you get answers on it from Him. He really does keep watch over us.  
  • Then to live each day purposefully using the gifts he gave me to help others and serve him through the process. This allows the Holy Spirit to guide us carefully.
  • Lastly, to stop consuming sugar as it is not good for the body! I still eat healthy but Terry brings home ice cream, cheese and eggs, ALL things NOT in our home until lately. I have to be strong to take care of myself.
Are you facing some things in life that require you to change, or situations that require you to wait and maybe not respond in anger? We can stick together and prepare our hearts and lives for the holidays ahead! 

Follow the Spirit of the Paint... with Laurie Pace

So may all your enemies perish, LORD! But may all who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength.” Then the land had peace forty years." Judges 5:31

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