Our Crazy Life Plus One Story 1 The Grocery Cart

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Ocean View
by Laurie Pace
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This was a painting for a client of her dogs using my palette knife 

“Being crazy isn't enough.”  - Dr Seuss   

#1 The Grocery Cart 

Not your normal story here but it does reflect on how crazy things can get in a short few moments.  Terry and I were out on our one day-a-week shopping trip which includes Senior Hour at Costco. We have a pattern down pat for our stores and our times and our needs.  Last week our morning began crazy and we were running late for Senior Shopping.  

They do have a great selection of organic veggies and fruit!!! 👉💚💚

As we arrived I asked Terry to drop me off at the front door and he could gas up the truck and I would be almost through by the time he was finished.  I grabbed my purse and pulled out my Costco Card... pulled on my mask, zipped up my hoody for the freeze in the cold produce room... and hit the door running while flashing my Card and hooking my sunglasses on my collar. We have a path for shopping in the store.  I knew the way! I took off at a fast walk/run.
  • First Problem: I was wearing my boots, not just cute comfy boots but my heavy custom made leather cowgirl boots.  I realized in about 1 min (Racing past 8-10 aisles) what I did wrong.  I am speed walking to get through before he returns. My boots seem to be holding me down as they try to slip off of me while I am fast walking. The top of my foot over my arch was ripping in pain.  I was using up my energy and breath trying to make it to the front left corner of the store.  As I slowed down to catch my breath ( I usually walk three miles every morning at 4.2 miles per hour, so this should have been nothing to me. ) realizing these heavy leather boots are like walking in concrete. Do all your cowboy boots do this?  My feet were struggling to hold them on my feet. (See photo at bottom of the blog)
  • Second Problem:  OUT of breath, I suddenly realize I did not stop by the grocery carts and grab one on the way in. The Costco Folks put them all nice and neat where you grab the first one and take off, but in my crazy push to grab everything else... I forgot the basket.  

  • Third Problem: I am now too tired and out of breath to even think I can walk the 1/4 mile back to the front door after racing to this left corner of the store. I began adding up in my head the things I needed:  Squash, Blueberries, mushrooms, small grape tomatoes, (I will wait and get the lettuce at Central Market), small fingerling potatoes 5 lb. bag,  UH... but there is no way I could do the 20 pound bag of russets. 

What does a girl do... (an old woman of 68 years)?  She calls her husband's cell number to say, 'Meet me at the produce and I will have it gathered, just BRING A BASKET.'  That should have worked.  It did not.  He did NOT answer his phone. I tried five times and gave up. I was praying by that time. I began looking around for an empty basket. Have you ever done that before at the store when you gathered more than you could carry? 

I began wandering through aisles in the produce area and all the stockers were busy but not a single deserted basket in site. I was praying by this time, with visions of me collapsed in Costco hauling those potatoes with all my other things 1/4 mile to the register checkout. I was reminding God how diligent I am in helping others at the store with groceries or returning carts. I never leave a cart anywhere but in the return cart area. I had just about given up hope... and I turned the last corner to the left and found an empty basket. I KNEW GOD put it there.  I looked around. There are no shoppers, only two men unloading wine.  I waited a few more minutes still calling Terry... and when no one returned to the basket, I began rolling it, still looking around just in case. There was absolutely no one in sight. I had it filled and was three aisles from the checkout when I spotted Terry at the door coming in. 

It is the simple things like this that convince me God is always right with me.  It was my 'hurry' that kept me from thinking basket. (Terry always does it) While I was trying to make it easier for him, I made it way harder for me. Only GOD could step in as he did... with a basket and rescue me. A Clean, empty basket and right there for me.   (Remember to see my custom boots in the photo below!  I wear them in the winter and not in the summer.  First time out this fall!) 

Have you ever had this happen before? Share your comments!

And may your hearts be fully committed to the LORD our God, to live by his decrees and obey his commands, as at this time." 1Kings 8:61

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