What seeds are you planting in your life?

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A Time to Plant

Words are like seeds, I think, planted into our hearts at a tender age. They take root in us as we grow, settling deep into our souls. The good words plant well. They flourish and find homes in our hearts. They build trunks around our spines, steadying us when we’re feeling most flimsy; planting our feet firmly when we’re feeling most unsure. But the bad words grow poorly. Our trunks infest and spoil until we are hollow and housing the interests of others and not our own. We are forced to eat the fruit those words have borne, held hostage by the branches growing arms around our necks, suffocating us to death, one word at a time.” Tahereh Mafi

Are you preparing your beds for spring and summer? We keep ours prepared all year around.  After the scorching summer heat, only mums can grow to the first freeze of winter, so Terry replenishes the soil before we plant our bulbs to stay the winter.  As spring hits I begin planting zinnia seeds from our plants the year before. We have lush zinnias from late March and early April all the way through till the first freeze.

Right now across the world the media with their 'seeds' has created a panic with their presentation and "news".   We grow weary at our home of the 'fake news' here in the states and now the Corona Virus, while very dangerous to some, has either been disregarded or used to scare everyone into a frenzy of panic.  The seeds (words) planted by media should be considered harmful. We have walked away from most social media and although we miss keeping up with family... we are done with all the extras that take out time from our lives and living. 

Praying you are safe.  I have one friend that was on the ship near San Francisco and today she is being transported to  her 14 day quarantine. Please pray for the 3,500 people on that ship. 

So may all your enemies perish, LORD! But may all who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength.” Then the land had peace forty years." Judges 5:31

Laurie Pace - A Texas Artist 


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