Three is NOT a crowd! We welcome the birth of our seventh grandchild, our fifth grandson. Laurie Pace

Justin left, Laurie Right, Baby in my arms!!!

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I know I have been gone almost a month...but family came first. We welcomed three weeks early, our newest grandson.  He weighed in at 9 pounds 9 ounces ... yes, three weeks early.  This is a three generation photo of my eldest son, myself and our new 'Logan Justus Brown'.  I know my Dad is smiling in heaven.   

Justin's first born, Jonathan, was my Parent's first great grandchild.  Seems fitting that Justin and Tara would come in with the last great grandchild. I hope my Mom gets to see him soon!

This is Terry, my husband, Grandfather to both Jonathan and Logan, the oldest grandson and the youngest grandson.  He is one happy Bampa.  Missing is Justin's middle son, The Bear. 

Be back posting again soon! 

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