Spring Conversations In the Thick of it. Nothing like a Maze to get lost in. Horse Paintings Small Collectibles by Laurie Pace

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Spring Conversations Horse 3 Small Collectibles 2015
 Size: 8 x 10  Oil on Canvas.


In the Thick of it.  Nothing like a Maze to get lost in.  Horse Paintings Small Collectibles

Have you ever been brave enough to enter a maze? Would love some comments on this one if you have.  I read about mazes in English Gardens, especially in mystery books.  Things are always hidden in the maze. To those confined in the tall bushes and shrubs, they only have the path they visually see. There is no way to look off into the distance to see the journey ahead. From the path they have traveled they have a memory of what was and where they were...but nothing to step forward to.

If you are lucky to be upstairs looking out the window upon the maze, you have a full view of the travelers and the choices they make attempting to find their way out of it. Isn't that how life is? We are constantly finding ourselves in situations that we literally walked right into on our own accord, yet we cannot see ahead to know what the future is or what steps to take.   God is upstairs. God can see it all. Use the gifts of your past journey and all the things you have learned to make decisions on what steps you will take forward. Know that He is there with you and He already knows what is ahead for you. After all, He knows your thoughts before you do. 

If you started your day with peace and joy... make this 'maze' something of a positive nature. Smell the roses on the way. Find the joy in the day right there with you. Stop worrying about it all. God has it all in hand.

This painting reminded me of spring and a maze.  The colors blended together in such a brilliant harmony that I could only smile as I painted. This painting did NOT start like this at all. If I showed you the beginning picture you would not believe me.  It was on a soft white background and it was two horses facing forward.  Things are never as we perceive them to be. Things rarely happen as we think they will. Be joyful in what you have.

Abundance, Laurie

"You have made the moon to mark the seasons; the sun knows its time for setting." Psalm 104:19

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Laurie Pace
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