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Memas Iris Size: 20 x 20  Oil on Canvas. Sold


When we were at the Home Depot the other day, one of the items Terry was searching for was something to treat the clover, weeds and Dallas grass that grew despite the freezing temperatures and the snow. We talked about calling in a yard service, but this is the year we are concentrating on simplifying and not spending extra money, so he will 'do it himself'.   We looked at several products we have used unsuccessfully through the years until we cast our eyes on the new stuff out by Scott products. Guaranteed!   Proceed with caution.... 

The info said:   

Clears Out Dollarweed, Clover & 49 Other Listed Weeds Guaranteed
Kills 2X More Weed Types* *vs. Previous Formulation
Builds Strong, Deep Grass Roots
May be used on St. Augustinegrass, (including Floratam), Bermudagrass, Centipedegrass, Zoysiagrass, Seashore Paspalum, and Buffalograss

Being an organic household this does not fall into that organic list I keep for use outside.  I may have to give on the front yard and side yard. Around the garden... no way.  I then did an online chat with Scotts.  There seem to be lots of rules on using the product. (It may be returned) How can you build stronger anything if you are pumping in chemicals?  

When I think about our lives and the 'weeds' that grow in them, there is no magic way to 'treat' it all. We have to take the 'weeds' one at a time and pull them to remove them from our lives. There are no super chemicals, there is only us as a person that can make changes to keep those 'weeds' from growing once we pull them out... including the roots. There certainly is NO guarantees. 

I spent twenty minutes on a 'chat' with someone at Scott. It took him a very long time to answer the three questions I submitted to him.  Really.   My questions were 1)how safe for the water systems 2) how safe for animals 3) How close to a garden area can you use it?   I would think those would be pretty common questions. Results... Bonus S by Scott's is going back to the Home Depot and Terry and I will be handing pulling clover and watching videos from the Dirt Doctor.  When the Scott help told me I could not apply it to grass areas under the canopy of trees...???... there is not much grass on our land that does not have trees and shade.  Could not use around gardens.  Gotta love and respect Howard Garrett the Dirt Doctor. We just joined for the year. I watched a video and did you know SUGAR...just sugar will accomplish much of this?  Hum what about red ants?  Will share more after we watch more. 

The iris is a painting from 2005 era. It was of one of my mother's iris in bloom.  I love the contrast of red and green. Hope you enjoyed it too!

Blessings, Laurie

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Job 23:10-11 NIV

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