I'd Go Walking Down the Avenue . Did you remember your hat and sunglasses? Horse Paintings by Laurie Pace

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 "I'd Go Walking Down the Avenue" Size: 16 x 20  Oil on Canvas.


Some relationships in our life truly enrich them and make them better. Others seem to empty us of energy and life itself.  Mother and I talked about that the other night. Back in the day... let's say at least twenty years ago and going back... people were different than they are today. Yeah yeah... everyone today is on a schedule and has an agenda list. Sharing is encouraged today as well as constant praising. Look at facebook and twitter. We cannot do anything without sharing what we are doing. We are needy people and very much into ourselves. Me included. We seem to want to share EVERYTHING...from aches and pains to complaints and worries. How can anyone be peaceful or happy or full of joy if that is the general mix of conversation between family and friends?

I remember great Granny was about 94 when she passed on. I do not ever remember hearing her gossip, complain or air family secrets. Always positive and always gentile, she was a loving soul. Great Granddaddy...other side of the family, died at the same age. We were really close to him. Great Granddaddy was never sick, never hurting, never complaining, never gossiping, never bored, never unhappy.  Great Granddaddy grew up in a well to do southern family in Louisiana. He came to Texas and made his way as a pianist and a painter. He lived a loving simple life with his wife and daughter. He was a wonderful role model living without all the extras and being happy. He never held a grudge and was always ready to forgive. 

So why were the prior generations different? Mom says it was the world they grew in. Society did not encourage nurturing and praising people for their self esteem. Slacking off was not acceptable. Coming out of the depression and into wars, the world had to learn to live with less and do without all the extras. 

Why we can't be happy today is directly tied into our materials possessions and desires for more. Why we can't find peace is directly tied into our neediness to constantly be searching for something or someone to make us happy. 

As part of Lent I have started my days seeking the feelings that are positive, like feelings of Joy and Peace. I correct myself often during the day... redirecting my thoughts to the feelings and not to the goals or to any agenda for the day. 


"May the God of steadfastness... grant you to live in harmony with one another. " Romans 15:5 

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Laurie Pace
A Texas Artist 


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