A Facelift? Is it going to hurt? Return to the easel and close your eyes. Longhorn Paintings by Laurie Pace

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Rocky Horning In   Size: 32 x 48  Oil on Canvas.


A Facelift? Is it going to hurt? Return to the easel and close your eyes. 

Well, the eyes that keep me working suggested changes on Rocky.  So he had to have a facelift back on the easel.  No more rings around his eyes. No more longhorn spots... and a bit more expressive colors throughout his face.  He is on his way to Denver for the Show at Mirada the end of March. 

I am not sure if Terry and I will be there or not but we are seriously making plans to attempt to. It means Lady L get a break from homeschool. It means finding a house sitter for Paddy, our dog. With family across the street it is definitely easier but we find someone here with Paddy is best for him. Life use to be easier at the lake for some reason when we traveled. Most of the time we took the dogs to the vet near by where there were camels, zebras, kangaroos etc and they loved it.  Paddy also did better having Annie around. I miss my Annie.  She would have loved all the snow we have had this year. 

Does travel give you the willies as you try and get everything planned out? High School and College days it was me, a backpack and my guitar in its case. I flew with it, I rode the Greyhound bus with it, I stuffed myself in cars with campers going to Church camp with it.  Those days of few responsibilities flew by too quickly.

Reminder to self... SIMPLIFY MORE.

God is apart of my life even when I am not paying attention. There are blessings ahead I may miss because I am busy being busy and feeling responsible for everything. 


"But each of us was given grace according to the measure of Christ's gift." Ephesians 4:7

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Laurie Pace
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