On the Prowl . Watch out for the dark wild woods at night . Ripening Personalities . Laurie Pace

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 Two on the Prowl  32 x 48  Oil on Canvas. 


Ripening Personalities.  Every layer of experience that touches us shapes us as we learn and grow. It is so evident in paintings like this. The original painting contributing totally to the final painting and yet 180 degrees different. The wolves gained in strength as I resurfaced bold strokes of color with my knife and established a sense of movement in the air around them. Definitely would not want to meet these two in the woods at night. 

What were you like as a child? What are you like as an adult?  Did you learn anything along the way?  Have you noticed through the years your mind stays in an active conversation with yourself?  Then your body responds to the conversation and thoughts flying through your brain. Then your body sends messages back to your brain and the process continues. You have years of thoughts and conversations with yourself stored in your head. It is a constant awareness all the time.  

I am not a psychologist. I do not speak the lingo at all, but I know we all have an ego and all too often it is sitting right in the middle of the conversation in your head. 

Somehow we have to learn to break that conversation up a bit and slow things down. I know that is how I can get in trouble if I do not. Having an open continual conversation with God is much more productive. It keeps me in balance and actually keeps those squirrels from running around in my head. Spiritual awareness is nurturing. We are all ripening. 


"To set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace" Romans 8:6

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Laurie Pace
A Texas Artist 


© Graphics One Design 2015