Sailboat Painting by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace and posting of the winner of the painting!

Look below for winner of the painting from last weekend's drawing.
Early Evening Sail
By A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

This sailboat painting was a love for my husband because we love to sail. He found an old picture from our albums and decided I needed to paint another sailboat. Sorry this one is not palette knife..but it is brush and delicately done.

Perfect gift for someone for Christmas at a perfectly affordable price.
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8 x 10 oil on board
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Sheriff Paul Fletcher takes time to draw the winning name.
FREE PAINTING:  A last minute entry actually won the free painting give away. The winner came through the Daily Painter site to the contest!  Louise is our winner. Thanks so much for every one that did submit.  I will hold your names for the next painting coming up so you won't have to email me again, I will save your paper strip with your name and email on it.  Watch next week for another free giveaway painting!  This is the painting that Louise will get in the mail this week.

The Quiet Inside the Storm

My mom spoke this week about everyone needing a place where they 'escape' and feel protected and comforted.

We went back and forth discussing if you needed a specific place or if you could develop that same sense of comfort and 'escape' in that moment anywhere by just being.

Just Being.

It is not as hard as you might think it is.
Listen to your heart.
Be Still.