Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace


18 x 27 inches Oil on Canvas

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Steps for yesterday were 9,575. We only walked once yesterday morning and we went a little over two miles and that was up and down steep hills here in Lake Highlands. The hills are pretty darn steep. I was worn out when we were done, but felt good all day. The leg cramps are gone at night with increased potassium, magnesium and exercise. BUT the little twinges of spasm remain. Reminds me of an eye twitch in a way but the movement cannot be seen, just a flick of a butterfly wing feeling. THANK YOU to all with suggestions. I have ordered the Gel Mat and can't wait to get it. I have a mat, but it is not very soft...

I spoke with the gallery here in Dallas. The show opens on the 12th but meet the artist is on the next Thursday night. I am wild trying to finish everything and worked until ten last night. She wants it all early, not like the other places that wait and hang the day before.

Today I want to talk about restoration. I have been praying and truly working on restoring my legs back to where I can stand and paint with out nightly cramps. This is minor in comparison to praying for restoration of my dad's cognitive thinking with Alzheimers as I know that cannot happen and my prayer should be for acceptance and wisdom to know how to deal with it.

God does not punish any of us with our problems. When we face different situations it provides the path for Him to restore to us in a way that provides a profound revealing of the depth of His wisdom and love.

Passing through some of our trials often wears us to the point of not wanting to take another single step to go forward. It is usually then the light and grace of the Lord fill us and provide us with what is necessary. We are so stubborn (Human) trying to do it all alone and He is there beside us wanting to carry the burden we will not give up. Once His light and love fill our heart, we always seem to find a new faith and His light radiates from us out to others. I have never felt our trials were punishment from God. I have felt He often gets tired of trying to get my attention and definitely has some strong ideas of how to get it. I would lie if I said I never cried out in anguish to him at the lowest times.

I do not believe he likes to see us wounded and in pain; I do not think He loves to see our tears and hear our cries of sorrow as we try and bear up under the pressure of what we are facing. He is a tender, loving Father; nothing escapes Him, not one tear, one trial, one prayer, or one cry. When we undergo these trials we must accept the fact that He has chosen us to grow, to be stronger and to sharpen our survival skills here in our world. The work we put in brings back triple fold to our life in lessons and blessings that we can share with others


"Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept thy word." - Psalm 119:67


Kathryn Grider said…
Hi Laurie,
You and your family have my prayers and I am sure there are a whole lot more out there from other visiters to your blog. My sister gave my a wonderful book for my birthday...The William P. Young.I am still in the process of reading it and I think EVERYONE should! It along with reading your blog messages has done wonders for my relationship with God.
Nuzzle is my current favorite of your work!
Love it! Have a great day.