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09 September 2011

Red Abstract Circle Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Organic Red
12 x 12 inches of acrylic color 
Abstract Painting by Laurie Pace


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It is not that I believe you did not read yesterday's post, but I am going to go at it again.  

What would it take for you to let it go?  I think of my granddaughter, Lady L in this image I posted earlier this week... and I look at the family quilts she is snuggled into... and I remember her favorite baby blanket which has now turned into her favorite Tinkerbelle blanket all green with Tinkerbelle flying across it.  She will let go of anything for that blanket.  

When she is scared or tired, she draws comfort from the Tinkerbell blanket and her Tinkerbell jamas. I bet you have a favorite pair of pajamas that make your world all better too.  Eventually Lady L will learn to venture into this challenging world with out her blanket at her side. She will let go of it and learn to cope with her feelings.
As adults we suffer from anxiety when things begin to pile on us and the stress levels go mega. Many of us draw comfort from food.  Old patterns set in as we substitute food for our blankets and our waist lines begin to grow. If we can learn to let go and let God we would be surprised to find He has already graced us with everything we need to face life in a positive composed way.  

These pictures are the 'comfort' healthy food Terry and I made this week. VEGAN Shepherds Pie with a slight adjustment of a bit of chicken breast in it.  We sauteed our favorite veggies and boiled some sweet potatoes sliced up.  Then I mashed them up with a bit of carrot juice.  I used carrot juice and cornstarch to thicken the left over veggie juices from the original mixture and we added a bit of baked chicken breast to the mixture.  You can also crush up nuts to add to it as well. 
You spread the veggies out into a pan and then top it with the crushed nuts and a layer of smushed sweet potatoes. Bake it for about 25 minutes at 350 and yum yum.  Terry splurged with some Cheddar on top of his... but we ate on this for two days and it was truly comfort food.

Meanwhile today.lets all put away our 'security blankets and food' and let it go and let God take control. You can rest then and be at peace.


"Do not worry about anything." Philippians 4:6

POST NOTE: Did you know Broccoli has more protein per ounce than beef?


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