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18 March 2011

Spring Dusk Abstract Horse Painting by Texas Equine Artist Laurie Pace

Spring Dusk
9 x 12 inches  Oil on Canvas Board
  © Laurie Pace   Graphics One Design 1998-2011   



After today I am not sure if I will be blogging much. I promise to TRY to get posts up and a few lines, but Lady L is coming to visit.  Jonathan is almost 14 so it has been 12 years since I dealt with a two year old.

Terry and I were discussing rules at the breakfast table. After visiting with Sheriff Paul and hearing about his 11 year old grand-daughter that watches TV and dances in the early 1 am hours we are making plans.  So Lady L will have limited TV here as we do not want her to start bad habits early at age two.

Paul was giving us his agenda with his grand-daughter for the day.  They are digging a post hole for his new flag; burning trash logs and roasting marshmallows; feeding the cows and horses and riding the four wheeler over two hundred acres.   TP and I looked at each other and decided NONE of the above were things to do with a two year old.

We will go visit the zebras and camels; they will probably terrorize her as dogs are not her favorite right now. We will walk a lot; note to her mom, bring the red wagon. We will go to Lowes just to go and pick out flowers and allow her to run around the store; note to self, do that BEFORE nap time. We will call someone with kids and find out  where there are playgrounds for little ones; not sure they exist here. ( OH YEAH, there is a Mickey D's in Mt Pleasant).  We will have to go to the ALCO in town with her and buy her a fishing pole...and then go pretend to fish.  I guess if it gets warm we can get a small pool for her to splash in; note to her mom, bring a bathing suit.  I need to visit for some color sheets.

If you have ideas, email me. 

Meanwhile Terry and I are baby proofing the house. I will have to lock up my paints in the tool chest.  PRAY please...

"Let the children come to me, Don't stop them! For the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Mark 10:14

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