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08 September 2009

'Mountain Pony' Equine Horse Art Painting by Laurie Pace

'Mountain Pony'

30 x 30 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

Flashing back a few years to show what was compared to where I am in my work.
I may entertain revisiting these palette colors.  
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The Painting:  Rough scrapes of color prepare the base of this painting. Overlays of acrylic then create the vision of the horse. This one was painted in 2007.  I may try to do one this week that retains this sense but in my current style.  It is important that an artist explore and continue to learn and grow with in their journey.  It is also important to be original.  A sense of style is unique to each of us that paint, and often through either workshops or straight copy imitation, we see pieces of our own work showing up in the internet in the works of others. 

The Thought:  I have to jump back to that old list today. I didn't look at it yesterday at all.  Not even sure where I am on the list but I am positive it is time for a new list.  Right? 
  This morning I opened up email from a local Dallasite asking about possible lessons.  My brain was flying as I wrote him back this morning.  Some of you already know this, some of you are not there yet, but as we grow older things begin to change in your mind without you even "working" on it.  With the years comes a certain realization of priorities and what is important in life. Giving back has been a primary driving source in my life.  God has given so richly to me in my lifetime to date. I have lived in countless places, met an abundance of people along the way, sharing and caring with moments at that time.... and moving on to the next place.
  The world offers so much and most of us never open our eyes to see it. Many never offer their hands to help others or give of their time. What we find to be timeless is Love.  Love is God's middle name.   What we give in life with love it always comes back around.  If you never give, do not be surprised when you find yourself alone in life. Maybe not alone physically, but alone emotionally.   

I have to share that a great uncle passed on this weekend.  He was the best example of a great man that walked his faith by word and example. Having mentors in your life like him that exemplify and show you the path setting a pace before you, equip you mentally for your journey. May God be with the Brown family today surrounding them in His Great Love. 
Seek and you will find, but be careful in choosing what you seek.

"Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love."  1 John  4:8


pamgillow said...

Thank you for sharing your work and belief the way you are. It is inspiring artistically and spiritually. A great gift.

Alberto said...

I just purchased one of your paintings - it's a small oil of 5 apples contrasting a light foreground and darkly shadowed background. Really wonderful - thank you for your great work. A new fan -

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