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03 August 2009

'Indian Paint Ponies' Large Abstract Horse Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

'Indian Paint Ponies'

18 x 27 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

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The Painting: Visceral application of paint yesterday in this unique approach. The value of composition and balance were predominant over the actual object in the painting. The telling layers of paint truly build the composition outward in a dimensional form.

The Thought: Terry proclaimed today he would be working on the master bathroom. We are both tired of the trip down the hall to the hall bathroom at all hours of the night. We have Tink coming today. We have not seen her in quite a while, so I am in full anticipation of a wonderful day.

I am also in full anticipation of the day we can have this house NOT full of tools and construction. We have lived this way for 18 months now. I had no clue 18 months ago that I would still be working on bathrooms this far into the process. When you sit back and think why was it not done sooner... that is easy to answer. LIFE.

We all have a tendency to bring stuff into our lives. Both physical and mental. Think of the garage that is used to put anything in it that doesn't fit in the house. OR think of the extra room where you can stuff and hide things when company is coming. Or what is it like next to your side of the bed? I keep my bible there, my IPOD is there, the book I am reading this week is there, my Sudoku book is there with a pencil. In the drawers of my night stand are sewing projects, needle work etc. You never know what I might need... from bed.

We seem to cram mismatched things into different rooms of our house no different than cramming mismatched priorities into our lives. For homes today, that have home makeovers. For our lives you can attend seminars on self help in almost every imaginable area. Our lives have become neglected rooms filled with "stuff". Our lives are crowded, unsatisfying and ineffective and there are truly few ways to find help.

Is there clutter in your life you can clear out over the next month? Simplify and bring God back into your life. If you are centered in Him you will not be pulled so violently by the calls of the modern world to have, buy, bring home and clutter up your life some more.

Keep it simple.


"The glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together." Isaiah 40:5

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