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13 June 2008

Contemporary Art by Laurie Justus Pace

24 x 24 inches Oil on Canvas

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Yes, this painting is not predictably something I would paint. Sometimes different is good.
The paint is hugely thick with edges everywhere. Used a lot of paint for sure!

Predictable. Are you a predictable person or are you more spontaneous? I can't help but wonder as we get older if we get more predictable. Some folks are predictable at age 2 and never change. Others you never know when or where they will show up and they are that way their entire lives. But on the average I am thinking most of us get more predictable as we get older. There is something about NO SURPRISES that keeps us over fifty living longer. I like new places and new things and meeting new people, but I predictably like sleeping in my own bed with my own pillows. I figure that is why the older generation is so fond of pulling those travel trailers behind their pickup trucks, or why they get the all in one travelers. They can hit the road for those new exciting places, but they have the comfort of NO SURPRISES by sleeping in their home away from home surrounded by favorite pillows and stuff.

Is the Lord predictable? I would cherish a back and forth conversation from each of you on this one. His love is unconditional. His love is there if we take it. As I began some research for this blog today I found the statement:

The following objection was presented on the Atheism discussion board on CARM as an "evidence" for atheism. It is as follows:

"To my mind, the best evidence for atheism is the predictability of the universe. Atheism (or perhaps I should say naturalism) posits that there exists nothing capable of circumventing the laws by which the universe runs. Theism, on the other hand, says that there is an omnipotent being who, by definition as omnipotent, could cause the universe to run in any manner he/she/it chooses. Any "laws" we might think we observe are merely the coincidental result of God's choice to make things happen that way when we're looking. Atheism thus makes a specific prediction that theism does not. It says that everything within the universe must always follow natural law, since there is no being who could make it otherwise. Theism has no equivalent prediction.

Was it predictable when Cain killed Able? Was it predictable when the Lord Flooded the earth to wipe our civilization with the exception of Noah and his family? Was it predictable when the Red Sea parted? Was the outcome predictable when Isaiah took his son up on the Mountain to sacrifice him to the Lord? Was it predictable that Job would loose everything he had? Was it predictable when Mary was visited by the angel, become impregnated and gave birth to our Lord? Was it predictable when Jesus feed the five thousand? Are Miracles predictable?

I say yes. I believe the Lord is steady and unconditional with His love for us. He is predictable with His love, His joy for us; His desire for us to find contentment. It is this CONSTANT that keeps me going day after day. What happens in my day is usually affected by others around me. The happenings are not predictable, but my faith is steady and my love for the Lord is unwavering.

I feel a predictability here and even more that He will be here for me He is for you.


“If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” Luke 11:13


Norma Wilson said...

Love this painting! I especially like the movement and the feeling of joy!

Delilah said...

This is really lovely

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