Artist Bio

 Laurie Justus Pace

The daughter of a creative mother and a business-oriented father, she found her start early in life painting for the Dallas PBS station auctions at the tender age of nine. Her passion for art and people only grew stronger as she grew up. Her parents bought her an easel, canvas and paints and direction began. Dreaming of fashion illustration, she found her first job at age 15 with Neiman Marcus in downtown Dallas working in the art department as an ad model. She spent the next two years between high school and the 7th floor of NM, riding the bus to work each day and living the dream. She continued with her modeling doing runway, commercials and photography shoots through age 34. She has her BFA from Stephen F. Austin State University.

Today finds Laurie at work in the studio four to five days a week, and usually with a grandchild painting on an easel next to her.  Laurie and her husband Terry love being together at home or traveling. They have Kerry Blue Terriers in residence at all times or traveling with them.