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01 February 2015

Seven Hearts . Inside Job . Never Saw it Coming . Breathe . Heart Paintings . Laurie Pace

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Seven Hearts . Oil on Canvas. Sold


It is an inside job.  Never saw it coming.  Cannot predict the happening. Close your eyes and breathe.

Yep, your heart works an inside job.  24/7 it is pumping away providing your body with continual service. We all have a heart, but we all may not have heart.

It is not just about eating right and exercising to have a healthy heart, but is about living and loving and giving to have a healthy heart.  It bring to you inside and out 24/7 harmony and peace. 

When you are agitated, your blood pressure goes up and your heart pumps faster. When you are upset you tense up muscles in your body and guess what, the heart is one of your biggest muscles. 

This is the month of February and I shall be sharing a lot of heart.  Seek the peace in a stable heart. Learn to breathe in deeply and let go of all your anger and anxiety.  Connecting with the main source of love, GOD, will bring you a deeper lasting peace.  

"For the kingdom of God is not food and drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy SPirit." Romans 14:17
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Laurie Pace
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