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11 February 2015

Filled with Heart . He's Got Balls . The Party Continues . More Love . More Life . Laurie Pace

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 Heart Filled Size: 8 x 8  Acrylic on Canvas.
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Late January rolls into February for our family. We have those continuing birthdays and I do not think I shared much on Morgan's birthday.  It fell on a Tuesday but we began celebrating on Saturday morning with breakfast as a family. The afternoon was at the Main Event in Grapevine. AKA Bowling! 

Kelly (Morgan's Love and wife) planned a wonderful party and it was a huge family event with lots of food, drink and cake of course. I only wish I could have caught Morgan with his bowling style. He flips the ball into the air and it lands with a WHOMP and then rolls down to strike all the pins. Amazing and yes he is amazing too. 

Celebrating life and birthdays is always a joyful time. All of our grandchildren were there... from age 2 up to age 17... three of them!  All brothers and sisters and both families were there too. (This was before Lady M was born, just a few days before.)  The stimulation in a bowling alley like this is life on steroids. Did not take long for Lady L to be wound up and the Bear, age 2, to be ready to bowl his balls down a big plastic slide. Morgan even balanced balls for the kids creating a contagious laughter that whipped through us all.

Trying to keep life balanced is a daily challenge, altho Morgan does a fab job with these bowling balls on his own.

I am of firm belief that we unbalance our own lives faster than anyone else does. When those times come, you have to allow your broken spirit to be lifted up by the Spirit. True comfort. We never have to 'go it alone'. Any emotional or physical feelings are supported by God.  His love fills all needs and flows through us into our lives. 

Maybe tomorrow I can share Morgan and Kelly's love story.  It is almost as good as Terry's and mine. 

Blessings to you. Laurie

"Let your steadfast love become my comfort according to your promise to your servant." Psalm 119:76


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Laurie Pace
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